Gugal Periyalvar was surprised and he immediately composed Thirupallanduthe first twelve verses of Naliyara Divya Prabandam. The pallandu pallandu lyrics in of alvars are compiled as Nalayira Divya Prabandham and pallandu pallandu lyrics in temples revered are classified as Divya desam. Long live paanchajanyaa conch who sounds in the beginning of all Your battles. Hymns for the Drowning: Right from his childhood days he was devoted on sriman narayana.

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His original name is Vishnu Chittar. He was engaged in the kaimkaryam of composing and offering garlands to Lord Vadabhadrasaayee, the Diety of Srivilliputtur. On the advice of his Priest, the King conducted a conclave wherein learned scholars of his days assembled to debate and decide upon the Ultimate Supreme and the mode of Salvation.

Lord Vadabhadrasayee, the Father of the entire universe, was desirous of seeing His son being acclaimed a great scholar by the assembled scholar. Keeping in mind His desire, He in a dream instructed Vishnu Chittar to go to the conclave and establish the Supremacy of Sriman Narayana after quoting from the Scriptures and also to establish the path of salvation, Bhakthi or Prapatti.

On the direction of the Ultimate Supreme, Vishnu Chittar went to the conclave and with great dignity and effortlessly established the Supremacy of Lord Sriman Narayanan. As was the wont of those days, the prize money fell into the Lap of Vishnu Chittar for speaking and establishing the truth. The Pandya King, Desirous of Honoring this reverend person, placed him on an Elephant and the procession started going around the temple city of Madurai.

The Father also wanted to see His son being Honored, as the son has fulfilled his duty towards his father. Swamy Manavaala Maamunigal says that just because of this act of Vishnu Chittar to overcome the effects of the evil Eye, he is called as periazhwar.

Further as per Tamil Grammar, a composition can be called based on the first word of it. The question then raised by the Bhasyakarar is as to how a Seshan, the servant, bless his Seshi, the Master with Long life.

The Bhakthi Bhavam overcomes all these and the only thing that is left in the mind is the benefit of the Master and nothing else. Once the master is well-off, the servant has no problem. Thus the Servant is always seeking the well being of the master. Similar situation prevails here. Just like pranavam is recitied at the Starting of Veda Ghosham, Thiruppallandu is recited at the starting of the Divya Prabandam Ghosti.

Like a small mirror being capable of reflecting the image of the Big Elephant, this twelve sweet verses are capable of showing and summarizing, succinctly the meaning of the Eight Lettered Manthram.

However, not many of us used the tattvas properly and got immersed in the Samsaara Saagaram. Then, He decided that the best way to redeem us is to send someone, who is a Jeevathma, and thus the Alvars were born. Even amongst the Alvars, many desired liberation and prayed constantly for the same with the Lord. However, it was only Periazhwar, who sought His well being. Thus instead of assuming the rakshya bhavam protected , Periazhwar assumed the Rakshaka Bhavam Protector to protect the Protector.

Periazhwar in the first Two Pasurams perform his own Mangalasaasanam. Not satisfied, in the next three pasurams 3 to 5 , he invites three different types of people to join him in the Magalaasaasanam. The three types of the people, in the chronology are saranaatees, kaivalyaartees and iswaryatees. In Pasurma 6 to 8, all the three joins Periazhwar. In Pasurams 9 to 11, all hail in unision the pallAndu to Sriman Narayana.

The Final Pasruam is the Phala Sruthi. Last edited by adiyarkadiyan; at AM.











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