No other Indian make with claims to international technology collaboration can state this with the confidence that we can. Every furnace bought from Ipsen upholds our reputation for high-quality, reliable products. Low, best-of-the-industry operating costs With its unique, flat silicon carbide hearth design, the charge fixture base is supported over the whole area. This allows an Ipsen Sealed Quench furnace to load more net weight of charge without deforming the fixtures.

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Comments 1 Sealed Quench Furnaces are available in two types of designs. One type of Sealed Quench Furnace has two doors; one for loading the charge and one for unloading the charge. Which type of Sealed Quench Furnace do you prefer and why?

I would like to invite all heat treaters to express their opinions and share their experiences in the comment section below. Through these interactions, all of us can probably learn something new. In fact, as a practicing heat treatment professional, all of us need to keep learning everyday. Continuous learning helps us to improve heat treatment processes, reduce costs, improve quality and more importantly makes us highly valuable and sought after heat treatment professionals.

Please stay tuned and subscribe to this blog for more such useful tips and discussions on heat treatment. Please also share this post for the benefit of your friends and contacts. Do you have any questions or challenges regarding heat treatment? Please feel free to post your queries, comments and share your experiences for the benefit of other heat treatment professionals. We offer various specialised and industry oriented online and classroom training courses for heat treatment professionals.

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Furnaces & Heat Treatment Plants

This includes sealed quench furnaces, large vacuum furnace plant both to the UK and overseas markets. The range of heat treatment furnaces we supply to the heat treater includes, Sealed Quench, Mesh Belt furnaces, including Austempering Lines, carburising Pit Furnaces, Continuous in Line Plant with furnace wash and Temperer facility, Aluminium Solution Furnaces, and Endothermic Gas Generators and a range of small to large vacuum furnace plant. We have supplied furnace equipment new, used and re furbished in the U. Sealed Quench heat treatment furnace equipment can be supplied as a complete installation for the carburising, hardening, nitro-carburising processes in a sealed quench furnace, with wash and tempering facility together with an atmosphere supplied by endothermic gas generators or nitrogen methanol. We can supply all types of new vacuum furnaces including front loading, horizontal, bottom car and top loading from small sizes to large vacuum furnace equipment. Heat Treatment Furnace mesh belts can be supplied both new and used, with internal atmosphere generating retorts, all incorporating the latest technology process control systems. Based in the U.


Which type of Sealed Quench Furnace Do You Prefer?

Quench hardening[ edit ] Quench hardening is a mechanical process in which steel and cast iron alloys are strengthened and hardened. These metals consist of ferrous metals and alloys. This is done by heating the material to a certain temperature, depending on the material. This produces a harder material by either surface hardening or through-hardening varying on the rate at which the material is cooled. The material is then often tempered to reduce the brittleness that may increase from the quench hardening process. Items that may be quenched include gears, shafts, and wear blocks.




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