The proof is below! The internet is full of sites about getting bigger, but no one seriously addresses penis curvature without trying to sell you an enlargement pump or medication. I can prove to you that not only is it possible to straighten a bent penis without medication or torture devices, but also without surgery. MY penis curvature was a problem for most of my life until I discovered this. Why was this website developed? Primarily because I know that I have found the solution, but also because, since childhood, I had penis curvature which I was able to correct completely as I approached my 40th year, thanks to a very helpful and insightful conversation with a consultant urologist.

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Peyronies is a penile curvature which is created as a result of a build up of plaque fibrous scar tissue under the skin of the penis. Find a Treatment! You can straighten your penis! You can treat penis curvature! Do you suffer from penile curvature? One of the most common sexual dysfunctions all over the world is the appearance of an abnormal curvature of a penis.

The lump and inflammation cause pain and discomfort as the penis is forcibly bent on one side during erection or flaccid state. This penis curvature creates difficulties during sexual intercourse and in cases of severe bending, it may become almost impossible to have sex.

Penis curvature is one of the most depressing sexual disorders in men. According to an estimate, about 5 percent males in local population suffer from penis curvature. Recently, a study reported 9. Demographic research statistics on its prevalence indicate that males with Northern European ancestry are more prone to penis curvature, but penile curvature is hardly seen among Asian and African- American males.

Penis curvature hold the potential of eroding the very essence of being a man. Penile curvature is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions all over the world; moreover, it is known to cause other erection problems. Once your penis develops a curve, automatic or spontaneous solution is not possible. It becomes very crucial to start your penile curvature treatment as soon as possible. In some males, symptoms can appear overnight while in others, penile curvature may develop slowly over a period of time.

A curved penis may cause deep rooted agony and frustration in affected males, leading to low self-esteem and depression. The follow-up studies reveal that the progression of penis curvature stabilized in about 47 percent males when they honestly followed their treatment.

The inflammation subsided, and their penis curvature remained stable. In fact, the symptoms of Penis curvature quickly disappeared in 13 percent males. However, 40 percent males were not so lucky and their conditions deteriorated over time.

The lumps or plaques in the penis cause painful inflammation and bending of the penis on erection. The penis loses its normal flexibility and males suffering from penis curvature find it hard to maintain their normal erection and engage in satisfactory sexual intercourse. Penis curvature is known for substantially painful erections. The plaques normally cause inflammation and bending of the penis, and patients experience very painful erection.

Sexual Dysfunctions It has been observed that inflammation and pain can subside over time, but the penis curvature is not reversed. The curved penis and associated sexual problems and dissatisfaction inflict unbearable physical and emotional suffering to the couples. Even when males are ready to bear the pain associated with Penis curvature, they can do nothing when plaques block the blood flow creating erectile dysfunction. Such impotencies can be managed by correcting the plaques that prevent blood circulation within the penis to sustain erection.

Treat it now! The prevalence of penis curvature is quite high among the males suffering from common health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. The genetic link of this disease cannot be ruled out as it runs within families, and sons inherit this disorder from their fathers. They think that plaques develop in the penis when internal bleedings occur due to physical injury from hitting or bending.

Aging Penis curvature can also develop due to aging when inflammations due to reduced elasticity of the penis cause permanent bending. Genetics The genetic factors can make some males more susceptible to penis curvature as it has been observed that in some cases penile curvature runs within the family.

The medications for managing various health conditions carry a wide range of side effects that hold the potential of triggering many health complications. In fact, many medicines have listed penis curvature as one of its side effects. These drugs mainly belong to the group known as beta blockers, which are used to manage blood pressure. However, there is no evidence and research data to establish that side effects of medications can trigger and develop penis curvature. The chances of any possible link are very rare and therefore, people suffering from blood pressure should consult their physicians before stopping any medications, which have been prescribed to manage their blood pressure.

How to straighten penis? Luckily, there are techniques to treat and prevent penile curvature. How to Prevent Penile Curvature? The role of prevention has been greatly recognized by most of the traditional medicines, and the importance of preventive measures cannot be ignored in case of penis curvature or any other disorder.

You are supposed to keep yourself updated to successfully prevent any complicated disease or health disorder 1 Stop sleeping on your stomach Many sex and reproduction experts suggest that men should avoid sleeping on their stomach.

Their logic is not clinically confirmed, but they argue that sleeping on the stomach create a compression effect that prevents required blood flow to the penis. Obstruction of blood supply can lead to erectile dysfunction and other sex-related complications including penile curvature.

In fact, internal injury to the penis is one of the common causes of this disease. Wild sex with your women on top is considered to be the most common cause of penile fractures. So, make sure to take precautions while giving your women a wild ride in this sex position. However, there is no harm in adding natural vitamin E supplements to your diet.

Penis curvature can be easily prevented by using the Penis straightening device. It stretches the side of the penis with scar tissue to match up with the other side and prevent penile curvature. The device does wonders in providing a firmer, thicker and longer erection to restore the sexual confidence of shaken males who suffer from penile curvature.

How to Straighten Penis? This may include medications, radiation therapy or surgery to manage their conditions. However, there are also penis straightening devices that can help you straighten and extend your penis over time. Initial studies on the effectiveness of vitamin E in the treatment of penis curvature reported that the administration of Vitamin E significantly improved penile curvature of 28 percent patients, and the fibrous plaque size was reduced in 42 percent patients.

Oral medications like PABA in combination with colchicine and vitamin E is very effective in the treatment of penis curvature during the early stages. These medications are first-line treatments during the initial years when the onset of plaque development is detected, but fail to provide any concrete relief when disease becomes complicated.


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