Malasar Wind Load Calculation The maximum permissible stress values of different glass types are specified in the lower part of the form. For beams it is possible to determine deflection limits only, for glass panes additional stress limits can be specified, too. This also applies here: Common maximum permissible stress values of STG are already suggested. Only the values for glass panes made of semi-tempered glass STG are editable, because they are regulated by general technical approvals. It is assumed that the load is constantly distributed over the building width and depth, i. Alternatively to the calculation in compliance with DIN We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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Recommendations Abstract Silos and tanks are currently being used to create reserves of stored materials. Their importance is based on balancing the production and consumption of bulk materials to establish an adequate reserve throughout the year.

The case study introduced within the framework of this paper focuses on thin-walled silos made of corrugated sheets and on an approach for designing these types of structures.

The storage of bulk materials causes compression or tensile stresses in the walls of a silo structure. The effect of a frictional force in the silo walls creates an additional bending moment in a wave, which ultimately affects the resulting bending moments.

Several mathematical and physical models were used in order to examine various types of loading and their effects on a structure. A comparison of the experimental and mathematical models shows a reasonable match and confirms the load specifications, while indicating that the mathematical model was correct. Janssen, H. Martens, P. Rotter, J. Ruckenbrod, C. Schulze, D. Eurocode 1: Actions on structures.

Part 4: Silos and tanks - [s. Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures. Parts General rules, Supplementary rules for cold-formed members and sheeting - [s. Parts Strength and stability of shell structures - [s. Eurocode 3 - Design of steel structures - Part Silos - [s.

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