But it is mandatory for those filing it without using digital signature to submit the ITR-V form generated on-line at Bangalore the income tax officials within days of filing the return then the process of return filing is complete. It is a one page pdf file. After filing your return electronically you also receive an acknowledgement email in your inbox from the Income Tax Department. This ITR-V also contain the electronic transmission acknowledgement number and as an evidence of filing for the benefit the date of the transmission of the assesses.

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Mushakar However, in the intimation, the ITR type is getting displayed as original though the acknowledgement number is that of revised return.

I did choose Aacknowledgement want to knwo whether i need to send the same ITR Vform which i sent 2 weeks back again to CPC office or do i need to do any revised return. Did Form 16 say that TDS has been collected from you? My refund got declined saying that the account number is incorrect. I have checked ITR-V received or not. The intimation under section 1 is sent by the IT Department in response to tax return filed by the tax payers.

Date for filing Belated return for AY is over. Thank you for inputs. I am from Kerala. If filed as original return the earlier return is nullified.

Drawbacks of verification by second option. I signed the form and sent it as required to be sent in days. ITR V was also sent. Did you have any compliance submission also. Should I file another return or wait for communication from cpc. For many of my friends they filed returns in Acinowledgement got processed only in Oct.

In case, they demand tax, which period they will consider for interest on penalty? Do I need to courier my document again to Bengaluru? If they computed wrongly then what is the process make it correct so that I will get my refund back?

Sir First column refers to what you have filled in and second column refers to what Income Tax office could find. Till today i am not received any refund. But if someone had applied for a correction in existing PAN card due to any reason, then PAN Card will have the date of issuance of new card. Acknowledgemen, I received an online notice that there was a defect in my returns.

ITR-V Acknowledgement Assessment Year Income Tax Forms We request you to verify the tax payments deta ils in 26AS and confirm the status of th e entire payments and file for online re ctification, with the updated tax payment details by logging on to http: You have to sign the copy of the ITR-V in blue ink. Just keep bills acknlwledgement for 6years. Do i need to wait for more days for it to get processed or i scknowledgement raise a trouble ticket for this issue?

So the due date for filing return for AY was 31 Jul As per the Citizens , in how many days is the Income Tax Department supposed to refund the excess income tax paid by the assessee and claimed in his IT return? Or the email id is yours! Request you to follow the same. You will receive another email from IT department once your income tax return gets processed.

Thank you for your reply. Do we have to digitally sign the ITR even if it is verified through Aadhar? You can check your refund status in following three ways: So you have received the SMS. They are also available in your account through which you filed Income irr return. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I am lil bit confused about the entries. If this is the sequence you have followed, then your ITR is defective.

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ITR-V Receipt status

Let us examine the provisions relating to signing of returns and sending of acknowledgements to CPC Bangalore and the implications of not doing so. Due to any reason if the managing director is not available then any of directors can sign on the return form If company is a non-resident company, then it must be signed by that person who holds Power of Attorney for it If company is on wind up, then by should be signed by liquidator If Government undertaking company, then it should be signed by the officer authorized by the government for this Case III — Firm By authorized managing partner. Due to any reason if he is not available, then by any partners Case IV — Local Authority By its authorized head officer Case V — Political Party Chief Executive Officer or Secretary Case VI — Association Chief executive officer of the association or any member of association It means that every return filed has to be verified by the concerned person. Ques: What if the return is not digitally signed? Ans: Digital Signing of the return is not compulsory in all cases. In case an assessee does not file the return by using digital signature, then he has to send a physically signed copy of the acknowledgement of the filing of return ITR-V to CPC Bangalore within days of e-filing of the return.



There is 2 options right. Once a return is filed, the income tax I-T department verifies the information and processes it, and refunds any excess paid. The refund banker service will give you the latest details of your refund that may include speed post tracking, error messages in case of incorrect bank details etc Steps to take — Wait for 10 days for the refund to be credited. Also, request other experts also provide acknoledgement inputs. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.


Extention of date of receipt of ITR-V filed for AY 2012-13 AY 2013-14

AYany resident who is otherwise not required to furnish a. Author is FCA, Dip. Further E filing of income Tax return for assessment year has been. Who can use this Return Form? This Return Form should not be used by an individual whose total income for the assessment year includes Income from Business acknowkedgement Profession.

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