We are also assuming that you are familiar with the base game, or at least have read its review. It certainly says something after all this that you still find yourself making such statements. You had always known him for a gibbering, but the cries were decidedly clairvoyant. And knowing that there were more of them just off shore was even worse. At least you know the location of where all of this strangeness has been emanating from now. Unfortunately, they know that you know.

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This product will be available in our store within business days after order date. Of all the cities found in H. Decrepit and dying, Innsmouth is being consumed from within by an ancient pact once made to save the town. The investigators will find every hand turned against them as they explore its rotting docks and fetid beaches. In the end, perhaps the only way to save Innsmouth is by destroying it along with the terrible creatures that haunt its waters near Devil Reef.

Innsmouth Horror introduces several new game concepts to the Arkham Horror Series, including Personal Stories unique to each investigator as well as the Innsmouth Look. The town of Innsmouth is hostile to the investigators, and they may well find themselves thrown in jail and fed to a Shoggoth while they search the town for evidence to call in the Feds. However, leaving Innsmouth to fester is a bad idea, since the Deep Ones will gather and rise, bringing with them the Ancient One.

Innsmouth Horror also adds 16 new investigators, eight new Ancient Ones, two new Heralds, Epic Battle cards for the new Ancient Ones, over 30 new monster markers, plenty of new encounters, and an expansion board featuring the town of Innsmouth.

Over all, this expansion adds over new cards to the base game.


Arkham Horror: Innsmouth Horror (Exp.)

This expansion is centered on the small town of Innsmouth and the mysterious happenings of the Deep Ones. The sinister Deep Ones and even the Innsmouth townsfolk work behind the scenes to undermine the efforts of the investigators and help facilitate the arrival of the Great Old One GOO. The investigators must discover the truth about Innsmouth and put a stop to the Deep Ones meddling if they are to have a chance at defeating the GOO. There is a mounted board, thick cardboard playing pieces, cardstock character sheets and fairly durable cards.


JoJozil Could someone add a link on this page to an new one where I could put information on players and their whereabouts name suggestion: These 16 individuals include: When this happens, the investigator may have to pass an evasion check in streets or locations to avoid being jailed. Alright, you actually find out you were a Deep One all along and never knew it, and now it has manifested and you become a Deep One entirely. Other investigators may attempt to rescue them by moving to Sawbone Alley and following the instructions printed horrir. You can think they got a raw deal, but they seem to be oddly protective of their bargain. This plays out with the new additions the game offers, which, aside from the story quests, breaks down horrror three areas:. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.





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