Samusho How the Right Ideal bring about the does perfection of the individual and the society? Then when He calls from the earth lo! A believer is urged by his love to avail himself of every opportunity that he can get, of associating himself with the Beauty that he loves. The real cause of wars and bloodshed 4 Raafiuddin Right Ideal is only one but wrong ideals are many and of them come to exist side by side with several each other. In Novemeber he met a fatal road accident in Karachi and died on spot.

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Goltikinos Although the self of an individual who is asleep has nothing to do with his physical body which rests calmly on a bed for the time being, yet it has at its disposal a body which lives, acts, knows, feels, thinks and experiences all sorts of pain and pleasure in an outside world full of all varieties of persons and objects.

When, equipped with this added realization of Beauty, he returns to his habits of Zikr, and Fikr, he finds that he can indulge in them with a much greater con centration of mind and can derive from them much more pleasure than what was possible for him before.

If they take a hint and abandon their wrong be and actions, they come in for the operation of those liefs forcesof nature which assist evolution directly. His activity is governed sometimes by one idea and at others by another. He will be required for every deed good or bad however insignificant it may be. It is meant to serve, among other things, as the nucleus as well as the model of his entire practical life in which Zikr also has a place as a member of a society of believers.

These are as follows: Who gives you sustenance from the heaven and the earth or Who has created hearing and sight and Who brings forth the living from the dead, and brings forth the dead from the living and Who rules the world They will say: A fundamental difference between an animal and a human being is that, while an animal only knows, feels and thinks, a man not only knows, feels and thinks but, while he does so, he also knows that he knows, feels and thinks.

Two levels of the natural human desires. The last of the prophets proclaimed: When he does so he gets a clearer and fuller realization of their beauty and evolves his love to a higher level and rises to a higher stage of self-knowledge. Some really profound truths guessed by Freud The unconscious human mind is the human self in its entirety sincewhat we understand as the conscious mind is only a part of the unconscious mind.

Is re religion ligion, properly understood, the only refuge of mankind from these impending calamities? While our dreams depict our future, our life here after depicts rafiuddiin past. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The dangers of loving wrong ideals.

The evolution of ideals in the race 7 Man s urge for an ideal has operated in the life of the race too from the very beginning. Ideology of the Future Some qualities of beauty appear to him to be clearly visible in this idea. They will be recompensed for what they do. Modern ideal-groups are known as states. Nature allows full opportunities of growth to every ideal, wrong or right, and every ideal grows in all directions as much as it can on account of its nature or its qualities.

Such action, therefore, evolves and strengthens his realization of Beauty all the more and raises him to a ideokogy level of self- higher knowledge. An ideal can be loved only when its beauty is actually felt and realized.

He will be enough to reckon his own deeds on that day. It ideologu guarantees that they will continue to maintain their existence and prosper in the world in spite of the designs of their enemies to the futufe. All these are completely psychological requirements satisfied when he says from the core of his heart and repeats rill he experiences their fiiD significance, the words: But there is a variety of art in which all people indulge and that is the expression of beauty in the manner of living, c.

Such an individual raviuddin such a community starts on the safe and smooth road leading towards a state of the highest possible perfection in all respects and ultimately becomes as perfect and faultless as we can imagine an individual or a community oc be. Until a person s consciousness is cleared entirely of wrong habits and dominated completely by right habits, his love cannot be said to have er.

Love for the ideal generations and perpetuated in is transmitted to future inspiration derived from the environ the group by direct ment which futurf the influence of parents, elders, teachers and the society at large.

When a man cannot, owing to his folly or indifference, avail himself of the guidance of prophethood and cannot love the Right Ideal, he is bound to love a wrong ideal instead of it and, when he loves a wrong ideal, he has to suffer from all the dire consequences of his wrong love later on, as a man who cannot find healthy and nourishing food is bound to satisfy his hunger by taking unhealthy and injurious food and to suffer from the evil consequences of his wrong food later on.

The desire for an ideal is fhe ruling desire of man Man s desire for an ideal dominates all his desires on the purely psychological level. A mans ideal must be poiverful. The principal and the central attribute of the Creator is love and all His other attributes, even those which express repulsion or hatred e. Muhammad Rafi-ud-Din — O soul that are well-satisfied return to thy Lord with Whom you ate pleased and Who is pleased with you.

It is his first direct glimpse of the light of Beauty and the first conscious beginning of his love. If Zikr is attended by the emotions mentioned above pf is a proof that the inner effort exists and that the lover s self-knowledge is progressing.

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The Ideology of the Future by Dr Muhammad Rafiuddin

If the original Bergsonian premises are accepted cannot imagine that anyone could disagree in any material point with the conclusions of this book. This book is more original. By far the strongest sections of the book are those dealing with the psychological theories of McDougall on the one hand and of Freud and Adler on the other and, in my opinion, Professor Rafi-ud-Din has yao oR um Ue RVUs these theories. Lillie, M. Zafarul Hasan, D.


The Ideology Of The Future By Dr Muhammad Rafiuddin

The greater and purer his odeology the stronger is his belief, the higher is his self-knowledge, and the knowledge of the Creator and the more perfect is his happi ness, self-control or self-confidence. And he who does an atom s weight of evil will see it. Ideology of the Future by Muhammad Rafi-Ud-Din Thus every wrong up sooner or later not ideal breaks being disrupted from within by the only because it is elements of its own contradiction, its internal defects, but also because it is being smashed from outside by other ideals. The reason is of these that the successful realization qualities thwarted and made impossible outwardly is by the inherent defects of the ideal which come into a clash with them.





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