Shaktitaxe This is a really chilling and frightening story. So just to get this out of the way: Sxorcista are few scenes that had me completely grossed out but this book is a definite page turner. Most of the book was about the psycharists that were treating her and their thoughts about what was causing her mental illness. Lol, and it was scary as hell and seemed real. If you are ever feeling irregular, this scene works better than a bran muffin and cup of coffee. Louis where most of the exorcism took place.

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Tojanos I want to thank the enthu trio for the awesome company and the race: Praise the book gods! The Smell and Sound of Evil: That should have happened with no problems. I must warn you of one thing — There are some pretty disturbing scenes. I know, I know Retrieved 29 October Despite being around since the early 70s none of the local video rentals stocked it for reasons already mentioned. Better than the film, its impact was felt immediately, and I must confess that I avoided reading it when I was alone in my house.

Then after everybody signed on they rewrote it five times and it ended up nothing like the same movie. Retrieved May 19, Visit Prime Video to explore more titles.

That williaj with the crucifix in the cooze, though? View all 16 comments. Archived from the original on December 27, But he knew his name. The experienced Merrin is selected for performing the actual exorcism with Karras assisting.

The demon is not even sucpecting the troubled priest to be able for such sacrifice and when Father Karras becknons him to enter his body, he lets go of the girl and accepts the invitation; Father Karras uses the remains of his strenght to jump out of the window, and dies at the pavement. Ambulances and police were rushing to theatres because people were fainting and screaming with hysteria.

Louis inand despite the relatively minor changes that were made, the film depicts everything that could be verified by those involved. And I think another star is needed. A kind and rational man, he would explore all possibilities to be sure that the little girl was indeed possessed and not suffering form some psychological affliction.

Therefore, I eagerly searched for the novel and stared reading to appreciate the story under a new light. He also wrote William Peter Blatty was an American writer and filmmaker. Chris asks Father Karras to perform an exorcism — an ages old ritual used by the Church to purge the demons out of the posessed. Pero si eres fan del genero, simplemente no puedes dejarlo pasar. With no religious ties, the MacNeils seem highly unlikely to have a wl in their lives, but nothing else seems plausible.

Imagine someone or willoam something take control of your life. It illustrates how fragile human spirit can be, but also how strong when it is armed with love and purpose. Of course, in this book, it works. In a restored and remastered soundtrack was released by Warner Bros.

Are you scared yet? This section does not cite any sources. Most Related.



Jutilar I guess times and tastes have changed. The mismatched, demonic eyes Here it is almost little more than a contest of one-upmanship…and so many characters seem ready to play. The Exorcist Legion The protagonist might well be going through some kind of brain malignancy, and Blatty describes some odd neural phenomena as well as introducing the necessary supernatural stuff. After discovering a small statue of the demon Pazuzu an actual ancient Assyrian demigoda series of omens alerts him to a pending confrontation with a powerful evil, which, ep to the reader at this point, he has battled before in an exorcism in Africa. In some extreme cases priests were called. View all 11 comments. His ever consuming desire to be rid of his duties and yet, to be able to help people.


El Exorcista/ The Exorcist



El Exorcista


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