Start your review of The Dosadi Experiment ConSentiency Universe, 2 Write a review Jul 24, Lyn rated it liked it Frank Herberts Dune was a masterpiece, not just of the genre but of literature, it was and remains an amazing achievement. The second Dune book was good, the third pretty good, and the fourth OK, and so on. Fans of all the Dune books and I am one worshipped the original correctly and justly and simply enjoy reveling in the world building. I read a review I liked and recalled the quality of his writing that I had enjoyed so much and thought it time to give him another try, this time away from Arrakis. The idea, that of a social and biological experiment conducted on an epic, planetary scale, is similar in tone, if not style, to Philip K. Herbert sets the stage for a fascinating legal drama , albeit a weird, baffling, alien but nonetheless hypnotic drama.

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Plot summary[ edit ] The novel is set in a distant future when humans are part of an interstellar civilization called the ConSentiency composed of many species. One, the Taprisiots, provide instant mind-to-mind communication between two sentient minds anywhere in the universe, and the Caleban provide "jump-doors" which allow instantaneous travel between any two points in the universe. This is the glue that holds the far-flung ConSentiency together. Unfortunately, one consequence of jump-door technology is the possibility that large numbers of unsuspecting sentients can be diverted to destinations unknown for nefarious purposes.

A government saboteur attempts to expose one such plot. Jorj X. McKie is a Saboteur Extraordinary, one of the principals of the Bureau of Sabotage , and the only human admitted to practice law before the Gowachin bar as a legum lawyer.

Generations ago, a secret, unauthorized experiment by the Gowachins was carried out with the help of a contract with the Calebans. They isolated the planet Dosadi behind an impenetrable barrier called "The God Wall". On the planet were placed humans and Gowachin, with an odd mix of modern and old technology. The planet itself is massively poisonous except for a narrow valley, containing the city "Chu", into which nearly 89 million humans and Gowachin are crowded under terrible conditions.

It is ruled by a dictator, many other forms of government having been tried previously, but without the ability to remove such things as the DemoPol, a computer system used to manipulate populaces without their consent or knowledge. The culture of ordinary day-to-day power in Dosadi is very violent. Among other tools, addictive psychotropes are used for handling power among hierarchies in organisations.

Jorj travels to Dosadi and escapes with Keila after engaging in ego sharing. This gives them the ability to swap bodies and thus by using a hole in the contract sealing Dosadi they can escape via jump gate. Once free, by legal manoeuvring the Dosadi population is unleashed upon the ConSentiency for good or ill, while the people who set the project in motion try to deal with the consequences, having sent McKie there hoping a solution more in their interest could be found.

Main characters[ edit ] Jorj X. McKie[ edit ] Jorj X. McKie is the leading saboteur extraordinary in the Bureau of Sabotage BuSab , an organization found in The Dosadi Experiment as well as two earlier short stories.

He is described as a squat and ugly man of Pacific Islander ancestry, with green eyes and a shock of red hair. The Gowachin say they feel their bones age in his presence, because when he smiles, he bears a remarkable resemblance to their "Frog god", the nearly-divine Lawgiver, Mrreg.

Sent by the agency to Dosadi as their "best", he was like an infant in swaddling clothes in comparison to a people honed by fifteen generations of violence.

However, in less than a single week Keila Jedrik appraised him as "more Dosadi than Dosadi. Nevertheless, he finds in Keila Jedrik a companion who becomes far more than a soul mate. Keila Jedrik[ edit ] Keila Jedrik is a human native of Dosadi with short, bristly black hair and icy blue eyes. She introduced a subtle flaw in the computer system governing food distribution, which eliminated her own position as "Senior Liaitor" or Liator along with the jobs of 49 other human beings.

Jedrik is the culmination of an eight-generation plan to break free of the God Wall enclosing Dosadi. When the Bureau of Sabotage got wind of the existence of Dosadi and sent saboteur extraordinary Jorj X. The novel chronicles the way they became utterly joined in body, mind, and purpose. Broey[ edit ] Elector Broey is the ruler of the planet Dosadi, the Gowachin Broey is slow to recognize the race riots between human and Gowachin in the warrens of Chu as the beginning of a world war orchestrated by a mid-level functionary in his organization named Keila Jedrik.

After only a few days, Elector Broey is forced to cut his human allies loose and devote all of his resources defending a narrow corridor through Chu to the Rim. Acknowledging the superior abilities of Jedrik, he nevertheless dispatches suicide bombers to make her inevitable victory as costly as possible.

But he is shocked into personally surrendering to Jedrik after the God Wall Caleban makes the sky of Dosadi black in preparation for the destruction of the planet. Temporarily allied with Jedrik, Broey seizes the reins of power throughout the ConSentiency universe after the God Wall contract is cancelled.

He is the only judge to survive the courtarena when the Dosadi affair comes to trial. In the end, however, he only succeeds in providing a single target for the "ministrations" of the Bureau of Sabotage under its new leader, Jorj X.

Reception[ edit ] C. I recommend this book highly.


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I was a bit surprised at first to find this book has such mixed reviews on here. This site uses cookies. This is the glue that holds the far-flung ConSentiency together. In this story, McKie is sent to the homeworld of the froglike Gowachin to investigate a possible violation that involves isolating a planet from interstellar travel and forcing its population to live under brutal conditions. Herbert is the master of what I call whafuck?!


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