Blood Prophecy by Alyxandra Harvey, now you can read online. Prologue Saturday night I was a voice inside my own head. At first I assumed it was my own subconscious. Or it was because I was losing my temper, since it seemed to happen the most when I was upset or annoyed, especially with Mom or Madame Veronique. And by then it was too late.

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Blood Moon by Alyxandra Harvey, now you can read online. I was punchy from fatigue and had what felt like an adrenaline hangover. And not only was I covered in ashes and bruises from fighting feral Hel-Blar vampires and blowing up a ghost town, but I was sure there was some kind of mistake.

Well, usually. She looked so wispy and pale she was practically translucent, except for the blue veins that traced her collarbone. Her fangs were out, all three sets. She held up a hand when I stepped closer. The light glinted off the personalized royal medallion around her neck. I frowned. She frowned. Where is he? What happened? I thought I saw a black combat boot. I broke into a run. There was a bite mark just above his collar, the flesh ragged. Under all the red, he was the color of boiled mushrooms.

The movement made the blood run faster, soaking his shirt. I took the bandanna I knew was in his cargo pants pocket above his knee. It was standard issue for a Helios-Ra agent. I wadded it up and pressed it over his wound, trying not to feel nauseated.

He weighed a ton. He needs an ambulance. He stumbled, sliding up the trunk. He was clammy and shivering. But we need to get you there now. You need stitches. Small comfort. Blood was sticky on my hands. Solange clipped them on her nose, closing her nostrils tight against the violent scents drenching the woods. Even I could smell the coppery tang of blood, but it was making me queasy, not hungry.

I opened the side door, and we slid him half onto a seat, his feet still dangling out of the open door.

I was panting and sweating from the exertion.

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