There are two ways to get started with ADempiere, the first one is to go with the ADempiere Virtual Appliance which runs under the VMware player, this is a ready to use ADempiere prebuilt installation. Your contributions to ADempiere source ademipere are of course welcome, ADempiere is a project entirely driven by its community. In order for ADempiere to be usable in any country, it needs to be adapted to the local language and accounting system, if you want to adapt ADempiere to your own language see Localization Guide. Nice article from user: Eclipse Setup Show you how to create your own development environment in Eclipse and start your own development process. Red1 and his team. To make using the Dictionary more straightforward, all the columns in the same table have the same prefix, Table Prefix has a list of all the prefix used adempiree ADempiere.

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With the nature of the Internet, video, moving GIFs, and embedded content are all part of the documentation. We do not need page formatting, numbering and a printable format to the output. If people require extra software or have to learn about it, it will limit collaboration. It could also be part of the application itself, replacing the current "Help" data.

The AD info is updated, but only in the software. The equivalent info is not maintained in our documentation. Michael McKay Here is why I like gitbook: its integrated with Github and can follow the same SDP they have recently changed course from a legacy markdown-driven approach to a new rich content format, getting rid of the need to generate pdf, ebook and other static formats.

However, cut and paste does work fine in the Gitbook editor. This is important as most of the docs are already in the wiki and a simple way of importing all that data would be ideal. Please use it to try it out for yourselves. I am reading your comments and links. I have had some docu for german users written in markdown. So I could port it to gitbook in a short time. The result is here - as I know language support is planned but not implemented yet.

The old wiki is ahead in this point. Nevertheless I like the gitbook approach. Michael McKay mckayERP homebeaver If there is no direct support for translation of content or presentation of different languages, we could just link to e-Evolution.


ADempiere ERP Business Suite



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