Narayana priye devi supreetha bhava sarvada. Shodasha Upachara Puja begins: Visualise the Goddess and pray to her by chanting this mantram Ksheerodarnava sambhuthe kamala kamalalaye, Susthirabhava may gehe surasura namaskruthe Sri Varalakshmi devatham dhyayami Avahanam Invocation Visualise Goddess Varalakshmi in mind and offer flower or Akshatha to Kalasha or Haridra Ganapathi. Thereby we invoke the Goddess in the idol or image. Sarvamangala mangalye Vishnu vaksha sthalalaye, Avahayami devee thwaam supreetha bhava sarvada, Varalakshmi devatham avahayami Offer flowers at the feet and chant Aasanam Samarpayami shloka Suryayutha nibha spoorthe sphura drathna vibhushitham, Simhasana midham devee stheeyatham sura pujithe, Rathna simhasanam samarpayami Arghyam washing hands Offer one spoon of water from the glass with water to the empty cup.

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This year Varalakshmi Viratham is on 9th Aug Varalakshmi is believed to be the one who grants boons Varam. The Pooja can be performed any woman with no restriction of caste or creed. During this auspicious day, married women gets up early in the morning and decorate their front yards with rangolis.

Later they take oil bath and wear new cloths and jewellery. Also they start preparing neivedhyam for the pooja and decorate the kalasam. Every women who has the ritual to perform this viratham will have the Varalakshmi face Amman mugham in Silver. As a conclusion to the festivities, they sing praises of the goddess and also invite another married woman to don the role of Lakshmi and offer them sweets. That evening, the neighbours are invited to the home and offered tamboolam.

Together they sing hymns in praise of goddess Varalakshmi. Decorating Varalakshmi Amman In a thambalam Plate , plantain leaf Vazhaiilai is laid and over the leaf, put 1 cup of raw rice and spread it evenly. Keep a silver pot Sombu and decorate the sivler pot with sandal and kumkum. The silver pot is filled with rice or water, coins, turmeric, betel leaf and a nut. Take a coconut rub it with turmeric keep that Over the silver pot, on the top of the coconut, decorate with karugumani bangles and cover the silver pot with blouse piece.

Now place the Varalakshmi face over the coconut and tie it tightly in the back of the coconut to avoid falling. Decorate the Amman Mugham with different colors of flowers and gold chains. Decorating amman with Panju thiri malai is very auspicious. Now decorate a small table with thoraman and maaviali Mango tree leaf and place the thamabalam inside the table. Preparation before Pooja: We need to ensure the following items to be kept ready before starting the pooja as it not advisable to get up in the middle of pooja.

Coconut 5 varieties of fruits if not at least banana Flowers Especially lotus petals and Ganera Sev arali poo are very auspicious Neivedhyam Items Annam Rice with dal and ghee , Pacharisi Idly, Kozhakattai, Payasam, Vadai Nonbu Saradu Holy yellow rope with a small flower tied in the middle of each rope. We can also call sastri priest who will perform this pooja at our home.

Vinayakar Pooja Take a beetle leaf, and place it by the edge facing the north side. Take 2 teaspoon of turmeric and using little water make small mountain like mould which represent Lord Vinayakar. Place it in the middle of the beetle leaf and place some kumkum at the top of vinayakar and chant the following slokas by taking flowers and akshadhai.

Om Sumugaya Namaha.


Varalakshmi Vratham-Pooja Procedure/Puja Vidhanam

Before digging deep into the significance of this Pooja and how it came to existence and what are the rituals that are to be performed. Let me just give a brief glance as what this Pooja means, how it looks like. So we know that there are hundreds of Indian gods and goddesses. And even more Indian gods have many different forms. One of such Indian goddess is Lakshmi. And goddess Lakshmi has as mentioned earlier, has many different forms. Of such many forms include goddess of wealth, learning, earth, pleasure and strength, love, fame, and peace.


Varalakshmi Vratam

Thamboolam set of kumkum,chandan,bangles, Betel leaves and nuts, Yellow rope, blouse pieces, coconut, banana along with 1 rupee coins — Make them ready as per the number of ladies you invite. Ready made plastic cups and bowls for distributing prasadam. Mahalakshmi stothram book or download the images I have shared here. About the book The slokas I have shared here is from a book titled "Aadi avani maadha Pooja vidhanam". But I am sure you can get the book for Varalakshmi vratham with story,Mahalakshmi Ashtothram in Giri trading agency.

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