A praying prophet is a prophet called by Jesus Christ Eph. Praying prophets will often teach and activate others to pray. They also demonstrate unusual spiritual authority within the context of prayer. Similarly, a prophetic intercessor is one who loves to pray more than most people do.

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Notice time in to jump before just before the elections do you know become because without control of what is in charge, he says. You will raise your voice. Good evening Good evening Good evening. That means I welcome you on board all that I need from you is for you to share share with others. So much so much so much so much. My name is agree.

I believe that the Lord will be so much. To you tonight so. Join me as we go before God and when we are done. Come on board and by the grace of God, I believe that the Lord will work out a miracle in your life at the end of the day.

Come on. I have a word for you. I have a word for you and. The Lord gave me a word for you and I want us to open our Bibles to the book of Acts the book of ads at Chapter nine. Chapter nine. I want us to open our Bibles to Chapter nine and I want us to start a chapter nine from verse Say today. What will people remember you off? Life or death. What will people remember you of? Again, What will people remember you young lady? People remember you.

Remember, you are the good guy. Not bad man that bad lady, What will people remember you? Are they going to remember you good or bad? No, there was a dropper setting. This woman was full of good deeds. What she did versus 30 - seven, and it came to pass in those days that she was sick. One day had watched. In an upper chamber. The study age. And for as much as a leader. Was nine to jumper the disciples had. That Peter was there.

They sent on to him two men desiring him that he would not delay to come to them. Verse 30 - nine. Then Peter rose and when with them and when he he was come. Brought him. Into the chamber and all the windows stood by him, we pin and showing the coach and government with doctors made while she was with them. But Peter. Put them off for a nail down and pray. Turn into the body side, Tabitha arise And she open her eyes. And when she saw Peter, she sat. And he gave had his hunt and lifted hair up.

When he had called the scenes and with those present. So I I want you to go through the Scriptures again. When you have your own personal time and just ask yourself this question, what will people remember me of?

Is it good? Is it bad? What will people remember? Means doctors and her name is something that is spicy colorful something that is sweet. By nature, And The Bible says that she was full of good deeds because that is the meaning of her name, something that when it comes to your life.

It brings color brings change. Spicy It makes everything that you do colorful people love it. So by nature, that was her name.

She took upon herself, you know sowing garments for. The disciples offer the men of God. She thought that that was basically what she was doing. She will show you comments for. The disciples And the Bible says that. She died, she was sick. She fell sick and she died. You see and when she died. Peter was also some way and this woman was all over and people knew hair of her good deeds. That we know. Those that way you need. She was a veteran doing everything possible for everyone.

We have a pledge that one day all of us will find ourselves. This ad is a transit. We are only transiting from here to some way one day. All of us will be gone. You will die you will go. I was a go, but what will people remember as of? The Bible says because of her good leads and you know she was saying gummies for their postal.

And men of God, you know we need to dress better others needs to dress and the one that was doing this is gone. And the Bible says that the Sun for two men and when they good day. And when to jump her why she was. Lit And people paying their last respects. When you could do is that no this life must not go wisdom. This life. Must now go waste. This life, this woman must not die. You see let me tell you this. We are on this ad for an assignment in our assignment or doing our jobs.

Will people remember you as that we can man? Pete that was shown some of the government, the people pointed out. Peter even what you are wearing. It is this woman who made it your comment. It is this woman who made it. We are not even encouraged to support the things of God, but let me tell you the father, someone not good.

We are on this ad for a purpose for a transit. We are travelers go in some way. What will people remember you? Man of God, What will people remember you?

What do we remember you? Was remembered and giving a second chance because of their good deeds. Then you are painting my life to us. She had that bad character do you think that she would have recovered do think that Peter would have prayed for him for him to be given a second chance again, No way.

Kanye possible Possible.


Charisma Magazine

The book is full of insight. There is no fluff in this book whatsoever. I love this book and there so much revelation in this book and so much to be taken away and applied. There is another book that saddens me and reminds of how some leaders in the church have strayed from teaching equipping and empowering there people to focus on buildings, fundraisers, programs etc.




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The Shamar Prophet


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