Appendix to Nuzool-ul-Masih itself incomplete and not published as part of self-declared competition. We believe that roohani khazain roohanj have been added as an extra volume. New Computerised Version of Roohani Khazain To their credit, the Qadiani organisation has kept the original RK page roohani khazain in this version, and kept the original book page numbers in the margins. Meanwhile, Brahin subscribers were asking for the remaining 46 volumes. A speech he foohani going to deliver roohani khazain Junebut he died in late May Qadian ke Arya aur Hum. Roohani Khazain — wiki This is probably a roohani khazain of the English, together roohani khazain some of the original Urdu notes.

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Despite all these claims he kept insisting that he is a Muslim. When confronted by Muslims that such beliefs are against the teachings of Quran and Hadith and therefore declared him a liar, he declared: "The basis for our claims is not Hadith but Quran and that Wahi which comes to me.

And just as I consider Quran undoubtedly and surely the book of God, similarly I believe that that wahi which descends upon me is the word of God.

However Mirza Ghulam insisted on this being the proof of his truthfulness and Allah made sure that he is humiliated in his claims.

In Mirza Ghulam challenged the Christian Missioanry Abdullah Atham to have a written debate on the truthfulness of either religion. He wrote to him: "I am ready for the Holy War. Of course he could not do it. Roohani Khazain vol. Muslims and Christians were openly expressing the failure of Mirza to prove the truthfulness of his Islam. Finally, Mirza did what he had been doing before. And he who is on truth and believes in true God, his honour will be restored. And when this prophecy is fulfilled some blind will start seeing, paralysed start walking and deaf start hearing.

I am ready for every punishment and I swear upon God that He will definitely fulfil it, definitely fulfil it, definitely fulfil it. Earth and Heavens can change but His words can never be anulled. It just shows how little Mirza respected Islam. He had to change his residence several times. Mr Atham was being continuously guarded by the police for his life. Mirza became more and more nervous. He requested various people in his letters to pray for the death of Atham.

Maktoobat-e-Ahmadiyya vol. Magic Spell to kill Atham On 4th September, he chose some close associates to recite a special wazeefa on gram seeds to have Atham killed, which were then personally thrown in a disused well outside Qadian by Mirza.

He took two of his close associates for the task and had instructed them that as soon as he had thrown the enchanted gram seeds in the well, they should run away without looking backwards.

He ordered them to pray whole night Whole night voices were crying out from every house: O God! May Atham die. O God! But Alas! Raees-e-Qadian vol2 p.

On 6th September , Christians took out a procession to celebrate the victory of Atham over Mirza. They ridiculed and lampooned Islam. For them, Mirza and Islam were synonymous. What a service to Islam! Every word of this Grand Prophecy proved to be false: Atham did not embrace Islam He did not die within 15 months He was not disgraced Mirza was humiliated No blind man started seeing, no deaf started hearing, no paralysed started walking.

Man proposes and God disposes. It was not a defeat of Islam, for Islam is an eternal truth whether one accepts it or not. It was a defeat for Mirza, Allah did not want an imposter prophet to succeed even if he was trying to pretend to be serving Islam. Allah knew what was in the heart of Mirza, the egotistical imposter. Hence Allah made sure that Mirza is humiliated. By his own preset conditions, Mirza should have recieved following punishments: his face should have been blackened hanged with a rope around his neck Should have recieved every kind of punishment He should have either denouced Islam and emrbraced Christianity or Given hald his property for the propagation of Christianity as he had promised.

But his bloated ego prevented him from facing the truth and denouncing his false claims. Instead he started giving the usual excuse: "He repented in his heart


Roohani Khazain

He claimed to be the Mujaddid divine reformer of the 14th Islamic century , the promised Messiah " Second Coming of Christ " , and the Mahdi awaited by the Muslims in the end days. He wrote more than ninety books, many of which extend to hundreds of pages. His written works often contain both prose and poetry in three different languages, Urdu , Arabic and Persian , though primarily Urdu. His writings contain the exposition and explanation of Islamic teachings, often reinterpreted. A wide range of subjects are also dealt with such as mysticism and the intricate issues of Islamic theology. Many of his books bear a polemical and apologetic tone in favour of Islam. Several of his books were distributed internationally during his lifetime.





Ruhani Khazain Vol 22


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