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It encodes data and address pins into a serial coded waveform suitable for RF modulation. PT has a maximum of 10 bits tri-state address pins providing up to 59, or address codes; thereby, drastically reducing any code collision and unauthorized code scanning possibilities. Code Address Pin No. Data Pin No. The encoded waveform is serially outputted to this pin.

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The Jurgens Jindabyne pop-top definitely falls into this category. As a manufacturer, Jurgens has carved out a unique niche in the Australian industry with its lightweight vans with Euro-inspired interiors. Created decades ago in the midst of an RV industry coming to terms with the s fuel crisis, pop-tops have moved up and down in the popularity stakes. Since it was school holiday time, I decided to head inland along the Wisemans Ferry Road to the Mangrove Mountain area, rather than try the busy coastal strip.

Jurgens takes a different approach using mm 6in main rails and considerably fewer cross members. The 80L water tank is mounted forward of the wheels and the spare wheel is mounted between the chassis rails at the rear.

The Duratherm walls are a 23mm thick composite construction that consists of an aluminium outer skin, 20mm high density foam that includes a structural matrix for strength and a plywood inner skin. Moulded fibreglass is used for the front and rear panels, as well as the pop-top roof, which is one piece, designed to minimise the possibility of leaks.

There are two external storage compartments, a conventional front boot which also contains the gas cylinders. Once that is done, the awning can be fully wound out and the doors and the Ranger windows opened. The van comes with a front island bed, nearside lounge and an offside kitchen. One of the benefits of a pop-top roof is that it reduces the impression of a cramped interior quite well.

There are no overhead lockers and there are screened windows on all four pop-top gusset walls. The lack of a window might be something of a negative but the compensation is a larger than usual front window.

Under the posture slat bed base, part of the storage space is taken by the Finch air conditioning unit. In fact, this is an ideal van for something like the Ranger. Its alleged maximum tow rating of kg does come in for some criticism as being unrealistic, but a van like the Jurgens will not give it any trouble at all. Another benefit of the pop-top is that its maximum tow height is only 2.


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Jurgens Jindabyne PT2260: Review



PT2260-R4S Princeton Technology Corp., PT2260-R4S Datasheet


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