An updated Cooling Systems chapter covers refrigeration principles and equipment, chilled water systems, and refrigerant recovery procedures. Boiler systems and related equipment are depicted in full-color illustrations complemented by concise text. This textbook is recommended by many licensing agencies for use as a study aid in preparing for licensing examinations. Sample licensing exams are included to build confidence through practice.

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It is easily understood and has many diagrams and photos to help explain the principles. Chapters arrangement covers all the workings of boilers from the physical properties of steam to the boiler to safety issues for the boiler room. Many states recommend the book as a resource in preparing for boiler exams. Some of the chapters belabor their points too much. For example, the fuel chapter becomes monotonous due to its length.

Some of the topics are in the "who cares" catagory. Others are short and to the point. Another peculiarity is the chapter on cooling systems. This is, after all, a book on boilers so is a cooling chapter really necessary? I doubt it. I was wrong. I realize that most editions are very close in content but this could cause some real issues for somebody.

The book holds a lot of good information otherwise. I recommend it to anyone studying to be a stationary engineer. Completely satisfied customer. It was just what I wanted for a wonderful price. I needed this book to study for my Chief Boiler Exam. I would recommend that potential buyers explore any of the much superior By Richard Kemper on Sep 16, Poorly written with not much in the way of real information, I would recommend that potential buyers explore any of the much superior alternatives out there.

Good basic boiler book. By Elwood on Jul 26, This is a very good book on basic low pressure boilers. We bought 20 copies and gave them to everyone on the crew who wanted to learn about boilers. Excellent condition! By Kindle Customer on Oct 05, This is my 2nd low pressure boiler book. Thank you. It has helped me solve some problems that arose with our boiler plant.

Great book By David on Sep 19, Great reading material. Good for learning low pressure boilers and how they function. Steingress; Daryl R. Walker , Frederick M. Steingress , Daryl R.

This particular edition is in a Hardcover format. It was published by Amer Technical Pub and has a total of pages in the book. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Similar Books.


Low Pressure Boilers [with CD-ROM]

Steingress, Daryl R. Low Pressure Boilers, the industry leader among boiler operation texts, has been enhanced with new coverage of personal protective equipment, burner control systems, steam principles, and emission analysis and control. Low Pressure Boilers provides information on the safe and efficient operation of low pressure steam boilers and related equipment, hot water boilers, and cooling systems. The textbook can be used as a study guide for boiler operator licensing, an introduction to stationary engineering, or a reference book for upgrading skills. This new edition has been enhanced with updated coverage of the new ASME symbol stamps, integrated boiler controls, code requirements for bottom blowdown, feedwater regulators, emissions regulations and New Source Performance Standards, variable-speed drives, diaphragm draft gauges, water treatment programs and solubilizing water treatments, and Canadian licensing. Energy efficiency and environmental issues are emphasized throughout. This text is recommended by many licensing agencies for use as a study aid in preparing for licensing examinations.


Low Pressure Boilers


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