Channe l Sep aratio n d B. For suppl y datasneet less t han maximum value, t he absolute lmn datasheet inpu t voltage is equal to the suppl y voltage. For input voltages which greatly exceed the maximum datashheet voltages, either differentially or common-mode, resistors should be placed in series with the inputs to limit the current. The parallel daatasheet and capacitance from the input of the device usually the inverting input to AC ground set the frequency of the pole. Lmn datasheet feedback pole is created when the feedback datashete any amplifier is resistive.

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The low harmonic distortion and low thermal droop makes this device ideal for subcarrier FM and baseband video applications. Video transmission can be accomplished with minimum distortion. The double-lens optical system provides for optimum coupling of power into the fiber. The LAD and S are high-performance dual comparators that are capable of operating from a single power supply voltage over a wide range to 36V.

Because of their excellent input characteristics and low power, they can be very conveniently applied to multisignal parallel comparator circuits that require high-density assembly. The LM and LM are monolithic quad operational amplifiers consisting of four independent high gain internally frequency compensated operational amplifiers designed to operate from a single power supply or dual power supplies over a wide range of voltages The common mode input range includes the negative supply thereby eliminating the necessity.

LM Quad Gray Scale Current Feedback Amplifier The LM quad amplifier meets the requirements of battery operated liquid crystal displays by providing high speed while maintaining low power consumption Combining this high speed with high integration the LM conserves valuable board space in portable systems with a cost effective surface mount.

The input and output buffers are included to ease the evaluation of the MAX, and are not needed in the actual. WMS :. MAX : 0. The MAX a 0.

ASTM E122-09 PDF

LM148 Datasheet PDF - Texas Instruments



LM348N View Datasheet(PDF) - Fairchild Semiconductor


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