Benefits Ideal for quick, efficient jobs The LEO23GT is especially suited for jobsites that provide little space and require great working heights. While maneuvering, the sensitive cable control allows precise positioning and offers a better overview with the operator walking alongside the machine. All machine functions are equally available from the basket and the ground. Intuitive controls The well-arranged control set with colour-coded functions and only four joysticks allows the operator a safe and convenient handling with the lift.

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Benefits True Performance Only 98 cm passing width make access through single standard doors quick and easy. With kg platform capacity in the entire working area the LEO24GT has an unrestricted outreach of 12,00 m. That is always enough capacity to take two persons including tools or material: No compromises and unrivalled in this height segment. Innovative boom technology Within the new, high-strength steel boom telescopes all cables, hoses and hydraulic cylinders are safely routed through the booms and therefore protected against damage, dirt and all weather conditions - clean and above all safe quality.

Intuitive control system Blue for boom functions, yellow for stabilisers, red for the track drive: All TEUPEN controls are arranged following this easy and simple design. Furthermore, a display offers a complete overview of all important information. In standard version the LEO24GT is equipped with a cable remote control - optionally, a radio remote control is available.

The TEUPEN track drive The track drive with non-marking rubber tracks provides easy, precise maneuvering and protects sensitive flooring. As a standard feature the LEO24GT is equipped with the mechanically height- and width adjustable track drive: The narrow setting decreases the width of the machine, in wide it increases ground clearance and stability.

Also levelled driving alongside slopes is possible. On request the hydraulic track drive is smoothly adjustable at a touch of a button.

High-performance stabiliser system Safe positioning even with little space: The multi-position stabiliser system permits to automatically set up the machine in confined areas and on slopes. It offers three different setup positions: Both sides wide, one side wide and one side narrow or both sides narrow. In terrain or over obstacles the stabilisers overcome a height difference of 1,20 m. Additionally, it is mounted from single high-strength aluminium components rather than being welded into one piece - that makes replacing damaged parts more economical.

Dual power source The right power source for every job: in standard version the LEO24GT is equipped with a V electric motor for a silent and zero-emission work inside of buildings. For outdoor use it has a powerful and robust petrol engine.

Optionally, the petrol engine can be replaced by a Kubota Diesel engine or a battery drive. Contact us.


Teupen LEO 23GT






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