Compact, creative and vlogging video cameras. View All Business Services. Photo Books Photo Books. Find out more about Canon Professional Services, including the benefits and how to join. L-series EF Lenses Unrivalled optical performance in challenging light conditions and environments. Find out more about Canon Professional Penswork, including the benefits and how to join.

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LensWork Tablet Edition Newly designed for either your iPad or Android tablet with larger images and easy-to-read text. LensWork Extended Computer Edition Intended for Mac or PC computers using the Adobe Reader, this edition takes advantage of the additional capabilities available only on computers — audio and video, PDF layers with commentary text, cross document links, and more.

Distributed exclusively here via a single PDF file. Literally terabytes of great content on photography and the creative process! Brooks started his "audio blog" in February of Six months later, Apple introduced the iPod and "podcasting" was born. Finding the Picture Brooks is often asked, "How do you find things to photograph? What should I photograph next?

But workshops can be expensive. Casual, fun, and intended to stimulate thought and creativity. Creative Labs Some topics are vitally important, but simply do not require a full workshop. Creative Labs are mostly technical in nature and center on software like Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, and others.

Be sure to check out our free Photoshop, Lightroom, and InDesign templates link below. Each year, we have room for only fifty 6-image projects and quite a challenge selecting them from the thousands of entries! In this series of audio commentaries, Brooks discusses the aspects of each project that propelled it to the elite group to be published. A great resource supplement for those who have the book and want to use it as a further learning tool for their own 6-image projects!

All of these interviews are now available here. After the Interview At the end of every interview, there are always some "off the cuff" comments that are recorded after the conversation is officially over.

These "behind the scenes" segments are always edited out of the official interviews, but often contain some wonderful insight, personality, or stories. Special Interviews From time to time, we interview people like the Mary Virginia Swanson, Stephen Perloff, or Bill Jay — talented individuals who offer more to photography than their photographic skills. If not, check it out as a part of LensWork Online!

Download the MP3 audio files and listen on the go! Feedback on Your Project Here is your opportunity to have comments on your work and learn from others, too! Ideas about editing, sequencing, project development, style and presentation, technical suggestions, and more.

These comments about your work and project can be for your eyes and ears only, or you can optionally grant us permission to share the comments anonymously, of course with our LensWork Online community so they might learn along with you. Details and how to submit your work for review.

Sort of like a workshop review without the travel and expense! Publication in LensWork We always enjoy the opportunity to look at new work. We love giving exposure to photographers who are doing good work but are not plugged-in to the publicity machines that galleries and traditional publishers provide!


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Register a product Sign up for the newsletter. Find The Perfect Lens. Canon UK facebook twitter instagram youtube gplus. Network Cameras Network Cameras. Black spot while looking through viewfinder? The EF Lens Work book, as well as explaining technology, also takes time to provide an insight to the techniques required to photograph several of the most frequent photographic subjects. Photo, document and large format for business and home.


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