The facility is located in the Uttara-Kannada district of the state of Karnataka in India. The nuclear power plant includes four power units of MW each. The type of reactor used to harness the radiation generated in nuclear fission is the PHWR. The first nuclear reactor was put into operation on November 16, The second reactor was launched on March 16, The third nuclear reactor was launched on June 5,

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Image courtesy of Department of Atomic Energy. An expert wildlife panel led by the environment minister also approved the project.

Environmentalists, however, raised concerns over the project as it is also located close to the Kali Tiger Reserve and would also result in cutting of approximately 8, trees. Location and site details The Kaiga nuclear power plant is located at Kaiga and Mallapur-Virje villages in Uttara Kannada district, approximately 3.

It lies 16km upstream of the Kadra dam on the left bank of the Kali River. The proposed new units 5 and 6 will be located adjacent to the existing operating units 3 and 4, in the same site. Kaiga nuclear power plant expansion details and make-up The expansion will add two PHWR units with a rated electrical output of MW each.

The main reactor and associated processing systems will be installed within the reactor building and a reactor auxiliary building, respectively. Natural uranium dioxide UO2 will be used as fuel and heavy water as primary coolant and moderator.

Major equipment at the new units will include end-shield calandria, coolant channels, end fittings assembly, primary coolant pumps, heat exchangers, and a fuelling machine. The reactors will feature horizontal pressure tubes as well as four mushroom-shaped steam generators and heat exchangers. Steam generators will supply nearly dry saturated steam to the turbine, which is directly coupled to an electrical generator, which produces electricity.

The spent fuel bundles will be removed from the reactor core and transferred and stored at the spent fuel storage bay SFSB. Safety and protection measures at Kaiga atomic power station The Kaiga nuclear power plant will apply the concept of defense-in-depth as part of safety systems, which involves multiple independent and redundant layers of defense.

The safety system will use access controls, physical barriers, and emergency response measures to tackle any contingency. To ensure smooth operations, the new units will be equipped with multiple barriers, double containment structures with liner on inner containment wall of reactor building, containment spray cooling system, and emergency core cooling system.

Reactor protection system ensures shutdown requirements through two independent fast-acting shut down systems, while the regulating system will facilitate automatic control of reactor power. Infrastructure The water required for operating the new units will be surced from Kadra reservoir.

Kaiga nuclear power plant history The Ministry of Environment and Forest gave environmental clearance for the Kaiga nuclear power plant in The first unit started operations in November , while the second unit was commissioned in March Do you have interesting content to share with us? Enter your email address so we can get in touch.


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