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Anderson was born in Dunfermline , Scotland and grew up in Edinburgh before moving to Blackpool in January Evans had shortened his surname to "Evan" at the insistence of Hammond, who thought it sounded better and more unusual. The group recruited Johnny Taylor as a booking agent and played gigs further afield around northwest England, [15] playing a mixture of blues and Motown covers.

They signed a management deal with Terry Ellis and Chris Wright and replaced Smith with guitarist Mick Abrahams , [20] but quickly realised that supporting a 6-piece band was financially impractical, and the group split up. The name stuck because they happened to be using it the first time a club manager liked their show enough to invite them to return. It was around this time that Anderson purchased a flute after becoming frustrated with his inability to play guitar as well as Abrahams, and because their managers thought he should remain a rhythm guitarist, with Abrahams becoming the front man.

I wanted to do something that was a bit more idiosyncratic, hence the switch to another instrument. It was a quick learning curve The band have since claimed that the success at Sunbury was a result of their persistent touring, which had generated a grassroots following who had all assembled at the festival and encouraged the rest of the audience.

Cornick recalled, "from that moment on, we were a big band". Abrahams had heard that Ellis wanted Anderson to be the frontman and group leader, at his expense, and realised he was unlikely to have the majority share in songwriting.

The next choice was Martin Barre , who had seen the band perform at Sunbury, [44] and had been tried out at the same audition as Iommi. Barre arranged a second audition with Anderson, who showed him some new songs that were in a different style to the blues they had been recording.

The result was " Living in the Past ", which reached No. Although other so-called "serious" groups actively resisted issuing stand-alone singles at the time, Jethro Tull felt a hit single was a positive move for the group, if not their priority. Immediately after releasing Stand Up, the group set off on their first headlining tour in the US, including an appearance at the Newport Jazz Festival. His tutor eventually persuaded him that it was a good idea, and Evan formally joined.

He was keen to socialise on tour, while the other members became more reclusive and introverted. He died in August On "Locomotive Breath", Anderson recorded the backing track on his own, singing along to a hi-hat accompaniment, which the rest of the band recorded on top of later. On a "banter" track that accompanies the Aqualung Live album recorded for XM Satellite Radio , Anderson insisted, "I always said at the time, this is not a concept album.

They returned to England, and Anderson did some rewriting before Jethro Tull quickly recorded and released A Passion Play , another single-track concept album, with allegorical lyrics focusing on the afterlife. A Passion Play sold well but received generally poor reviews, including a particularly damning review of its live performance by Chris Welch of Melody Maker.

It also included a short acoustic song , "Only Solitaire", widely thought to be aimed at L. The War Child tour also featured a female string quartet playing along with the group on the new material.

Glascock made his first appearance on this album, contributing harmony and second vocals in addition to the bass lines. Palmer continued to arrange, and he recorded as a guest on two songs. For the tour, Jethro Tull became one of the first bands to use giant projection screens for the larger stadium shows. Songs from the Wood was the first Tull album to receive generally positive reviews since the release of Living in the Past Although not formally considered a part of the folk rock movement which had actually begun nearly a decade earlier with the advent of Fairport Convention , there was clearly an exchange of musical ideas among Tull and the folk rockers.

The band continued to tour, and released a live double album in , titled Bursting Out , which was recorded during the European leg of the Heavy Horses tour. Their third folk influenced album, Stormwatch , was released in During the making of the album, Glascock suffered major health issues related to open heart surgery from the previous year, so Anderson played bass on much of the album. Following the end of the Stormwatch tour in early , Jethro Tull would undergo its largest line-up shuffle to date, resulting in Barlow, Evan and Palmer all leaving the band.

In the Classic Artists documentary Jethro Tull: Their Fully Authorised Story, Barlow claimed that he left the band on a mutual agreement with Anderson while Evan and Palmer both recalled being dismissed by a letter in the mail, with no prior contact. Highlighted by the prominent use of synthesisers, it contrasted sharply with the established "Tull sound".

Entitled A taken from the labels on the master tapes for his scrapped solo album, marked simply "A" for "Anderson" , it was released in mid In keeping with the mood of innovation surrounding the album, Jethro Tull developed a music video titled Slipstream.

The video, released in , was directed by David Mallet , who has directed numerous music videos, including the pioneering " Ashes to Ashes " video for David Bowie. Some of these tracks were released on the Nightcap compilation in The stage was built to resemble a Viking longship and the band performed in faux-medieval regalia.

An Anderson solo album, which was in fact a collaborative Anderson-Vettese effort, appeared in , in the form of the heavily electronic Walk into Light. In , Jethro Tull released Under Wraps , a heavily electronic album with no "live" drummer and instead, as on Walk into Light, a drum-machine was used.

Although the band were reportedly proud of the sound, the album was not well received. However, the video for "Lap of Luxury" did manage to earn moderate rotation on the newly influential MTV music video channel. As a result of the throat problems Anderson developed singing the demanding Under Wraps material on tour, Jethro Tull took a three-year break.

Vettese quit the band after the tour, angry at critics for the bad reviews of The Broadsword and the Beast , Walk into Light , and Under Wraps And Justice for All album.

The award was particularly controversial as many did not consider Jethro Tull hard rock, much less heavy metal. On the advice of their manager, who told them they had no chance of winning, no one from the band attended the award ceremony. Two songs in particular—"Farm on the Freeway" and "Steel Monkey"—got heavy radio airplay. The album also contained the popular live song "Budapest", which depicts a backstage scene with a shy local female stagehand.

Although "Budapest" was the longest song on that album at just over ten minutes , "Mountain Men" became more famous in Europe, depicting a scene from World War II in Africa. In , the band released Rock Island , which met with less commercial and critical success than Crest of a Knave Although Rock Island was something of a miss for the group, a couple of fan favourites did emerge from the album.

Despite being labelled as a "return to playing the blues", the album actually is marked by the generous use of mandolin and acoustic guitar and much less use of keyboards than any Tull album of the Eighties. Notable tracks included "Rocks on the Road", which highlighted gritty acoustic guitar work and hard-bitten lyrics about urban life and "Still Loving You Tonight", a bluesy, low-key ballad. Roots to Branches and J-Tull. Songs on these albums reflect the musical influences of decades of performing all around the globe.

In songs such as "Out of the Noise" and "Hot Mango Flush", Anderson paints vivid pictures of third-world street scenes. It was the first and only time the original four members had played together since , as well as the only time a former Tull lineup has ever reunited. It is the last studio album of this band. Bassist Jon Noyce left the band in March Keyboardist Andrew Giddings quit the band in July , citing constant touring allowing not enough time for family. A plaque was erected on a Catholic church in Blackpool , where the band performed their first ever gig.

During interviews in November , Martin Barre stated that there were no current plans for future Jethro Tull work. There will be two solo bands: the Ian Anderson Band and the Martin Barre Band, and long may they exist, and long may they enjoy playing music. Ian wanted to finish Jethro Tull, wanted to stop the band completely.

It was recorded by Anderson and the Ian Anderson Touring Band, who made the following tour together too.

This will be followed by tours in the UK and US, during which the album will be played in its entirety. Homo Erraticus will be a prog-rock concept album which, according to Anderson, "chronicles the weird imaginings of one Ernest T. Bostock and Bunter came across this dusty, unpublished manuscript, written by local amateur historian Ernest T. Parritt, — , and entitled Homo Britanicus Erraticus. Anderson stated that Tull "kind of came more or less to an end during the last 10 years or so", and stated his preference "in my twilight years, to use my own name for the most part being composer of virtually all Tull songs and music since ".

Shhhh; keep it a secret In the notes of the 50 for 50 booklet it is said that the new album scheduled for will be a solo record by Ian Anderson and not a new album by Jethro Tull. Guitar duties will be handled by new member Joe Parrish, with Opahle leaving the band at the end of to focus on production work and his family.

I was mesmerised by Ian Anderson. His presentation was simply magical and he delivered it with such a sense of humour and great style We [of Rush] saw it as a huge challenge to try and create something that can seem so dynamic onstage.

After touring with the band in , Shulman praised the band as musicians and friends. His group, Grinderman , also covered "Locomotive Breath" during soundchecks. German power metal band Helloween covered "Locomotive breath" on their cover album " Metal Jukebox ".

The Finnish band Turisas recorded "Broadsword".


Jethro Tull (band)

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