This manual provides safe and reliable instructions for the installation, operation and maintenance of your Ingersoll-Rand air compressor. Carefully read this manual before attempting to operate or perform any maintenance. If you are uncertain about any of the instructions or procedures provided in this manual, contact Ingersoll-Rand. We recommend you retain this manual, and all publications provided with your air compressor, in a location which is accessible to all personnel who operate and service your compressed air equipment. Typical compressors are furnished as compact, self-contained, air receiver tank mounted units that are automatically regulated and driven by an electric motor or gasoline engine.

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Loosen the clamps securing the filter housing to its base. Remove the filter housing and withdraw the old filter element. Clean the element with a jet of air or vacuum. Replace the filter element and housing. Remove the oil drain plug and allow the lubricant to drain into a suitable container. Replace the oil drain plug.

In the following example, a 5 horsepower compressor uses 2 ounces of oil every 20 hours of operation. NOTE New or rebuilt compressor pumps will discharge higher than normal amounts of oil until the piston rings are seated approximately operating hours. NOTE All compressed air systems contain maintenance parts e. These used parts may be, or may contain, substances that are regulated and must be disposed of in accordance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

NOTE Take note of the positions and locations of parts during disassembly to make reassembly easier. The assembly sequences and parts illustrated may differ for your particular unit. NOTE Any service operations not explained in this manual should be performed by an authorized service representative. NOTE The following maintenance schedule has been developed for typical applications.

Maintenance intervals should be shortened in harsher environments.


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