Fiber laser cutting is becoming the leading process for the cutting of metals, including brass and copper. The following specification is an introduction to their range. Jermle clamping with collets and jaw chucks. Hermle C U.

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Traverse path: x x mm Body: dia. Swivelling rotary table: dia. Thanks to low interfering edges and collision protection by compression sleeves, safety is given primary importance by maximum collision avoidance. Options From A to Z Automatic cabin door, external minimal quantity lubrication, BDE-signal, emulsion mist extraction system, precision packages, height-adjustable control panel, rotating visibility improvement unit, cooling unit, chip conveyor, coolant nozzle and chip cart, tool breakage monitoring and measurement, additional magazines … Energy Efficiency During production and operation Hermle manufactures many components using lightweight construction and mineral casting technology.

The high degree of own production, local suppliers and components with high efficiency factors also promote energy efficiency. Energy recuperation, high-quality servo drives and the legendary long service lives are all proof of the same high standards during actual operation. They feature a variety of configurations and functionalities — including tools for improving precision for rotary and swivel operations, shell transformation and transparent tool management.

Tool changer With tool changer The pick-up magazine of the C 22 is integrated into the machine bed, making for very good accessibility. There are up to 55 pockets in the ring magazine. The maximum tool weight is 8 kg and the maximum tool length is mm. There are blowing nozzles at the tool change positions.

The capacity can be increased still further using optional additional magazines. Automation Robot system and pallet changer Not the least important features of the C 22 regarding flexibility are its automation capabilities.

Up to three peripheral devices can be connected with the C 22 in this way. Details Everything well thought-through Cooling units, fluid cabinet and switch cabinet are fully integrated into the compact machine enclosure.

The space-saving deployment of the chip conveyor helps both in daily operation and for maintenance and servicing. The especially flexible machining centre can be transported without being dismantled and set up without a foundation. Many thanks for your interest! C 22 brochure User reports Your personal contact Are you under way, on holiday If the contact person shown is not the one you require country, region , you can change the selection manually.

Whomever you choose, the colleague in question will be very pleased to answer your questions! Please enter a valid postal code.


Hermle C20 U

Mejar VDI 30 tool holder. Hermle C U. Workpiece clamping with collets and jaw chucks. Two of the three machines are equipped with a Breuning bar loader for small-scale production purposes.


Kompakt und platzsparend

Traralgon based DJN Switchboards is one such case. These machines, however, are not limited to this purpose when it comes to excellent performance and can be quickly and smoothly retooled for new workpieces and characteristics. The Yawei HLF series high speed, high precision fiber laser cutting systems are really making their mark in the Australian laser cutting sector. Hermle machines are made to order and fully optioned to suit the needs of our customers.


C 22 machining centre

Malajind Enquire about this machine. Fiber laser cutting is becoming the leading process for the cutting of metals, including brass and copper. There are a total of nine independent, programmable axes available. Wele VQ mm x-axis travel, mm y-axis travel, mm z-axis travel, mm distance from spindle nose to table top, x mm table, kg max load, rpm, BT40 spindle taper, Fanuc OiMD control. Hermle U T. Image is still in progress Hermle machines are made to order and fully optioned to suit the needs of our customers.

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