Title: Tapping knowledge globally: open access and mobile objects in an asymmetric world Business relationships as much as international civil society, now online, and academia all afford channels for the international mobility of generic ideas and means for the circulation of particular forms of knowledge and kinds of relations in state and society. Since the s globalization processes introduced substantial changes in the world framework of knowledge production. The literature on the social studies of science had emphasized that the generation of knowledge takes place in different localities and under particular circumstances. The situated character of knowledge has been particularly demanding for southern countries in their need to dominate the conditions of science implementation locally. But the new modalities of research internationalization in recent decades fostered the creation of international research networks, and a new wave of internationalization of higher education, research and culture, distilling the discourses of prevalent western policy directly or as spillovers in local systems. The expansion and acceleration of global interconnectivity has had significant socioeconomic and ideational implications that served to reconfigure the international system.

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