Sicherheit 6. Ausblick, digitale Systeme 1. Festgestellt habe ich dies Ende oder Anfangs Man weiss aber nie wann es wieder soweit ist, dass die ISOProduktion ein weiteres Mal eingestellt wird. Wenn man nicht unbedingt mit Kanonen auf Spatzen schiessen will, geht es auch preiswerter mit linearen Optokopplern.

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Device considered a two-terminal device: Besides the optocoupler, two external op-amps and two resistors are required. This would reduce the loop gain of the input circuit, reducing circuit accuracy and bandwidth.

The output circuit does not directly generate an output voltage which is sensed by R2, it instead uses Q1 to generate an output ycnre which flows through R3. Contact your Avago sales representative or authorized distributor for information.

Protective cut-out switches must be used to ensure that the safety limits are not exceeded. High-speed low-cost analog isolator. Also notice that IPD1 is exactly proportional to VIN, giving a very linear relationship between the input voltage and the photodiode current. IMRR is defined as the ratio of the signal gain with signal applied to VIN of Figure 16 to the isolation mode gain with VIN connected to input common and the signal applied between the input and output commons at 60 Hz, expressed in dB.

These capacitors also limit the bandwidth of the circuit to about 10 kHz and can be used to reduce the output noise of the circuit by reducing its bandwidth even further. The input pho- todiode can be used to monitor, and therefore stabilize, the light output of the LED The two OP-AMPS shown are two separate LM, and not two channels in a single dual package, otherwise the loop side and output side will not be properly isolated.

HCNRE datasheet and specification datasheet. As mentioned above, only one optocoupler is used. Option datasheets are available.

The relationship between the input optical power and the output current of a photodiode is very linear. And R7 is selected so that Q4 operates datasehet about the same collector current as Q2. Parameter Symbol Device Min. Download datasheet Kb Share this page. Gull Wing Surface Mount Option Because a photodiode can conduct current in only one direction, two diodes D1 and D2 are used to steer the input current to the appropriate terminal of input photodiode PD1 to allow bipolar input currents.

Loop-powered mA current loop circuits. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Example Application Circuits The circuit shown To achieve very high linearity for bipolar signals, the gain should be exactly the same for both positive and negative input polarities.

As a result, the non-linearity. The output photodiode produces a photocur rent. It is also possible to convert this circuit into a fully bipolar circuit with a bipolar output signal by using the output of the 6N to drive some CMOS switches to switch the polarity of PD2 depending on the polarity of the input signal, obtaining a bipolar output voltage swing.

External Clearance L IO1 9. For example, when the input signal positive, optocoupler OC1 is active while OC2 is turned off. R3 and R5 are selected to provide enough current to drive the bases of Q2 and Q4. Data subject to change. The lower gains, higher input currents and higher offset voltages affect the accuracy of the circuit, but not the way it operates. LED input current vs.

Typical photodiode leakage vs. The fi nal circuit shown in Figure 19 isolates a bipolar analog signal using only one optocoupler and generates two output signals: IORM peak Example 2: High Datashedt High Precision 1. Units Test Conditions Fig. However, an additional amplifier is used to provide an appropriate offset voltage to the datashet amplifiers that exactly cancels the diode voltage drops to maintain circuit accuracy.

Because the basic circuit operation has not changed, the circuit still has good gain stability. Most 10 Related.





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IEC 62402 PDF



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