Shazuru You will be able to send off the settlers before you run out of the bonuses. Our army is TTs big so that we often have enough TTs at home to send the list every hour. The Trapper is able to build traps which will capture attacking units, entirely blocking small attacks and severely weakening bigger attacks allowing your units to finish them gulda easily. After the community feedback we have changed the color code to make it more trwvian, we hope you like it. Often this is a mistake. Only build buildings that have a quest for.

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This version improves settling times over the first one and some additional info about how you should act with your account is added. Introduction This guide is written for Travian 4. It can be used for any tribe in the game. It should be noted that this is primarily a simming guide. I know that Travian is still considered a war game even including all the changes that were added in the latest versions.

Keeping that in mind this is mostly a starting guide meaning it serves as help for the beginning of the server. Also remember that hours or days in this guide are considered since the account was registered, not since the start of the server. As I was writing this guide, I was playing a server, which means this technique was tested in reality and is easily accomplishable with activity and only activity. As soon as you register, there is only one thing you got to keep in mind and those are resource fields.

They are your only source of income at this stage so they must take the highest priority. Follow the quests, but only those that give you bigger rewards then you actually spend on completing it. Important part is looking at your map and people around you. After you complete the initial tutorial and start building something look at it.

Have you spawned on the edge of your quadrant? Feel free to delete the account and start over. It will cost you mere minutes and will greatly pay off in the future. Hero is a second factor that you have to keep in mind for now. He is mostly a farmer so put any points you get on him into the resource production.

But eventually someone around you will clear an oasis. Once you find a cleared one send your troops on it. Some things should be instant built, a rule I use for myself is all that takes more than half an hour to complete. Warehouse and granary as you wish but upgrading warehouse to 7 gives you a nice reward and it is needed to build the residence to LV Other buildings should be only ones that give more reward than their initial cost barracks,cranny,marketplace etc.

Edit your profile to something that is worth looking at, check at your neighbours, find possible locations for settling, find an alliance After completing things required in first 24 hours you have a nice production to get that residence to LV 10 in no time. To complete this part as fast as possible use NPC you have 30 starting gold, use it. This can easily be done in 12 hours or even less, depending how good you are with managing and obtaining resources.

As soon this is done advance to the next step. Finish only tasks that give bigger reward than there is cost to complete them. This is your main source of gold, so use it. Sell any cages, ointments, bandages you have. Everything you get after 10 adventures is random so if you get lucky you could get artworks, shields, or some popular right hand items. The factor you take in using auctions is the size of the server. The bigger the server the higher the prices.

Aim for that and the rest of the gold use as you wish. Train 3 settlers and send them as fast as possible. Most important topic now is where to settle. If you use gold then 15C cropper is a way to go. In that case a 9C is what I recommend.

Use gold club to find one, or if you dont have it yet use an old fashioned way. Hover over a map with your mouse until you find a 9C. Some infrastructure academy, smithy, upgrade marketplace to atleast LV 3 Conclusion of This Guide Being active and getting some gold from auctions should make this easily doable. I managed to get the second village in 50 hours not including the travel time of my settlers.

I suggest using my time as a good rule of a thumb. Some things should also be noted at the end: You have the option to extend your protection. Extend it unless you feel very brave. This rule negates if you are playing as Teuton. If you settle early you have plenty of time to make some troops. As I was playing my current server I settled my second village when my pop was as low as About culture points. Also getting 50 culture points from daily quests is as useful as hero XP.

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Can we still get the culture points after finishing the town hall? So far we have only trained swordsmen which are good guuida killing robbers but we will also need to defend ourselves. Alright, now you have your 3 settlers ready and you are trying to decide whether you should settle a 9 cropper or a 15 cropper. If you have been very active and want to go defense 9c might be ideal and if you have less time to play consider going for 6c regardless of offense or defense. The quest system is extremely trabian to getting your village on its feet as quickly as possible.

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