Add to my manuals Add. Millions of Parts From Top Brands. Groen Braising Pan Parts. The Best Got Better. Page 6 Easy-to-clean, three-inch rounded interiors are just part of our streamlined pan design.

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Construction The pan body shall be of type stainless steel, solid one-piece welded heavy-duty construction, with 10" pan depth. All exposed surfaces shall be of stainless steel. This combination delivers more uniform heat transfer over the entire cooking surface. The heavy plate prevents warping or distortion. Controls and tilt mechanism are mounted in stainless steel housings, on the pan body sides.

Braising pan shall come standard with a mounting bracket for either right- side, left- side or rear faucet mounting.

Etch marks included. Interior of braising pan shall be polished to a emery grit finish. Exterior of braising pan shall be finished to a bright semi-deluxe finish, ensuring maximum ease in cleaning and maintaining brilliant appearance. True rounded leg tubular design and 3" radius pan interiors make cleaning easier.

Manual Tilt The braising pan shall have a smooth-action, quick-tilting body with manual crank tilt mechanism, which provides precise control during pouring of pan contents for easy operation. Pan body shall tilt past vertical to assist in cleaning. A heavy-gauge, fully-adjustable one-piece cover is stan- dard with torsion bar type counterbalance designed to maintain the selected cover position. A vent is provided in the cover top to regulate condensate buildup and a rear condensate drip shield is located under the cover to prevent condensate from dripping on floor when cover is opened.

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Groen BPM-40G - 40 Gallon Tilting Skillet, Gas



Groen Parts BPM-40G


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