Grotaur Heck, this info goes beyond grapplers alone. The dieh way to rehydrate is to sip a rehydration beverage slowly leading up to your event. The exercise used, slow cardioactually impairs muscle strength and power development. Get this stuff together.

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You have to keep in mind a huge number of things starting from basic nutrition principles to specific technique of your grabs, kicks, punches, and what not. If even a single component from this puzzle goes wrong, the whole system crashes down, reducing to zero all of your efforts and time invested into your success.

Without it, your physical performance drops drastically even after a single bad night: this includes your attention, agility, concentration, and reaction speed.

Sleep for at least 7 hours each day, no matter what. Tip 2: Eat a lot of vegetables the more colors the better! Every single process taking place in your body is orchestrated by certain vitamins, to a great extent.

The best way to get enough of them is by filling your diet with plenty of vegetables and a bit of fruits as well, making sure that your daily eating routine is colorful as the rainbow. Yellow and orange veggies: carrots, pumpkins, yellow squash, yellow pepper, corn, oranges. Red vegetables: radishes, red bell peppers, red onions, apples. Green vegetables: leafy vegetables and salads spinach, lettuce, etc. Blue and purple vegs: purple cabbage, purple asparagus, plums, purple grapes.

Tip 3: Get rid of excess weight If you are overweight, this simple fact could be drastically compromising your performance during combats. Excess pounds slow down the fighter, make him easier to grab, and much more vulnerable in general. Keeping this in mind, you should stick to a well-thought exercise routine full of aerobic and endurance exercises, as they are the best in terms of losing weight.

Additionally, if you ever find yourself stuck and unable to get the pounds burning, consider trying a safe and effective diet like the HCG protocol with 4 amazing Phases 1 , 2 , 3 , 4. It has been designed over 50 years ago by a British endocrinologist, and tested by thousands of customers around the world including martial fighters. Tip 4: Stay hydrated. Moreover, the more vigorously you train, the more water you should be drinking in order to compensate for the fluids lost in the process of sweating.

Neglecting this simple advice puts at great risk everything you do in order to achieve success in the field of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Although the numbers on how much should you drink daily, a good shot would be to take 30 ml for each kg of body weight each day.

Tip 5: Give up on the alcohol. The reason behind this truth is simple as could be: each drop of alcohol you take is a burden that your liver has to deal with. The process of alcohol neutralization in the human body takes a lot of energy to be done. Tip 6: Try out some natural supplements. The trick here is to take supplements of the best quality available on the market, tested for safety by credible researches and thousands of customers.

My personal favorite is HCG hormone drops , as they consistently show results that any other supplement will hardly beat. Tip 7: Drink Coffee Yep, simple as that. Caffeine instantly increases your heart rate and elevates blood pressure: these are just the same effects that happen in your body during any kind of physical activity. Drink water before the workout, drink coffee after it. Your well-being is much more important than the outcome of any fight. Your happiness is a goal much higher than your physical performance.

Anything that contributes to your health, mood, and happiness in general is as important for your BJJ career as the training sessions themselves.

Yes, this means that regularly meeting your friends and having some quality time with your family are no less essential than a couple of hours at the gym.

Stay healthy, fighter! If you are not sure where to start and how to eat well, check out our newest and best-selling diet product from George Lockhart. Lockhart is the real deal and this product can literally change your life. This is also available as a digital download below.


Nutrient Timing for Grapplers

The fifth habit deals with dietary fat. It just takes some planning, some pre-made meals stowed away in the schoolbags, in the lockers, etc. She lost a bit of weight — yet she also got worse at her sport. The number one topic I want to address is weight loss methods used by grapplers.


Nutrition For Wrestlers, Fighters, And Grapplers!

Protein plays a vital role in protein synthesis and it is a key part of the growth and repair of muscle tissue. For anybody looking to build muscle, protein is obviously essential, but as well as that, it also plays a vital role in fat loss and metabolic function as well. The reason for this is that protein is a thermogenic compound, which means that it is harder to digest and break down than other foods. When we try to digest it, our bodies must work harder and so require more energy, which means more calories are burnt. This not only helps us to burn calories, it also prevents us from overeating because it stays in our stomachs for longer, keeping us feeling full for longer. Whole eggs — If you consume whole eggs, stay away from eggs, which come from caged hens as they contain very little nutritional value in the slightest.



People want to eat correctly because they think it will make them more effective in BJJ class, allow them to recover faster after training, and provide them with better health overall. What you eat can have a HUGE effect on your performance. Nutrition is a super-important piece of the puzzle. In fact eating right is maybe the single most important aspect of becoming strong, healthy and having enough energy to do all your stuff. Changing your diet all at once is a big undertaking. Here are my top five diet tips for BJJ: 1 Avoid as much sugar as possible. Chronic intake of large amounts of sugar will eventually lead to diabetes for many people.


Top Five Diet Tips for BJJ

InBall et al. Chicken and turkey — Chicken and turkey are very similar to one another, and, providing you stay away from the skin, are extremely low in fat and calories, whilst being fantastic sources of lean protein. We all have lifetimes of experience and education in eating a specific way — the North Grappleers diet. If you sit down to a lunch of cheese fries, cheese steak hoagies and soda, and then have a graplers like that, and in between eat equally crappy food, eating every 3 hours might not work for ya. Your impulse is to gulp. So our young athletes start out with the wrong messages from parents, coaches and their environment.

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