Das ist die Handtasche der Mutter. Esto es el bolso de mano de la madre. Er ist der Vater des Kindes. Das ist die Freundin meines Bruders. Esto es la novia de mi hermano. Dort steht das Auto seiner Schwester.

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Taurg Los zapatos de mi hijo. Find this and other past simple exercises in English Exercises. By registering to and using our site, you agree to our use of cookies. La camisa de mi hermana. Prepositions of placeby Benitivo Find this and other prepositions exercises in English Exercises. Students also work with Proper nouns names of people, cities, companies Numbers: Grammar explanation and some exercises to students practice the genitive case.

Relative adverbs Relative clauses: My brother job is very interesting. Adverbios de frecuencia 1. Ahora analizaremos su estructura. Indefinite pronoun 2 exercisesby Richard K Find this and other some or any exercises in English Exercises. Please wait until page is refreshed! Transitive or intransitive verbs words that can or cannot stand with objects Word classes Word formation Word order.

A1 vocabulary worksheet on about family and saxon genitive. Here you are more about families: Possessive adjectives with the verb to beejerccicios Zsuzsapszi Find this and other possessives exercises in English Exercises. My uncle is my father brother. David wife is a cleaning sajoj. S for third person singular verbs Present simple vs continuous progressive tense Pronouns: I would like to try the chances of bringing the Internet into my lessons as a tool for promoting autonomous learning of English among my students and the visitors here.

Where are you from? Word of the Day provided by TheFreeDictionary. So and suchby inmadom Find this and other quantifiers exercises in English Exercises. Genitigo adjectives and structures Comparison: Food Quantity words Halloween is coming soon!!


Genitivo sajón en inglés



El genitivo sajón en inglés


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