He has since gone on to fulfill that promise. His composition teachers included David Diamond and Vincent Persichetti. He wrote this piano set two years after finishing his doctorate. In the s he went on to write acclaimed symphonies and concertos for such soloists as flutist James Galway and Stephen Hough.

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Format Descriptions Publishers use a lot of words to describe what they sell, and we know it can be confusing. Below are descriptions of the terms that we use to describe the various formats that music often comes in. The instrumental parts are not there for reference. Generally, cheaper than a vocal score and requires multiple copies for purchase. Facsimile of the Autograph These are hardcover, research-quality reproductions of the original hand-written scores from the composer.

Hardcover Some publishers print a hardbound, linen-covered version in addition to the standard paperback. The music inside is identical. These editions are beautiful though rarely cheap. Orchestral Parts Similar to a wind set, this is a collection of parts. In the case of strings, the numbers listed are the strength of the section, so Paperback When publishers offer multiple bindings e. There are not separate parts for each player. Score Full Score For ensemble music, this indicates that the edition contains all parts on a single system there are not separate parts for each player.

In larger ensembles, this is for the conductor. Set of Parts For ensemble music, this indicates that there are separate parts for each player. Solo Part with Piano Reduction For solo pieces with orchestra, this is a version that contains a piano reduction of the orchestra parts. For piano pieces, two copies are typically needed for performance. Study Score A small think choral size copy of the complete score meant for studying, and not playing.

They make great add-ons when learning concertos and small chamber works. Wind Set For orchestral music, this is a collection of wind and percussion parts. The specific quantities of each instrument are notated. With Audio In addition to the printed music, the edition contains recordings of the pieces. This may be an included CD, or access to files on the internet.


Lowell Liebermann


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Gargoyles (4) for piano, Op.29



Lowell Liebermann


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