It fit into the pocket of whatever jeans or shorts I was wearing each day, so it really got sat on and beat up pretty good. A bare, leafless creeper was flowered with the ears of delinquent guardsmen. Misshapen cacti were fruited with the breasts of women or foliated with their hair. Entire limbs or torsos had been united with monstrous trees. Some of the huge salver-like blossoms bore palpitating hears, and certain smaller blooms were centered with eyes that still opened and closed amid their lashes.

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Something unnatural lurks in the jungle For 8th-9th level Characters Clahz was a simple druid leading a simple life, cultivating his garden within the Vohven Jungle.

When this garden was brutally destroyed, he did not feel hatred - only a deep, burning determination. After bargaining with a creature of the lower planes, he secured himself the perfect spot for a new garden - in the center of the now-lost City of the Elders. Years of toil and labor led to the creation of a garden the likes of which the world has never seen, before or since.

But when the crippling Green Rot began to eat away at the garden, and then spread to humans, Clahz was given an ultimatum - find a way to cure the Green Rot within 20 days, or his marvelous garden would be burned to the ground.

In desperation, he turned again to the dark powers. Only his screams were ever heard again This adventure supplement takes fantastic jungle and garden settings to a new level. Packed with general information useful for any role-playing game campaign set near a jungle, it includes extensive sections on vines, flowers, fungi, shrubs, insects and herbs, giving the cultural significance and uses of hundreds of types. Create ultra-detailed garden settings of your own with our handy tables provided herein.

Also includes a never-before-seen type of elder fiend, ten new types of scrolls, and over fifteen new jungle-dwelling monsters! Now DMs can not only read the boxed text, they can actually show it to the players.


Foarfec─â Telescopic─â PerfectGarden 1m

Gardalkis For what shall it profit a man if he shall tour the whole world and never see the lichens on the nearest stones? This entry was posted in Reviews. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress. It has some kind of crude symbol like things on it and appears to have been created in some ish computer graphics product. A benefit of the new version is that the garden map is redone and much easier to read. World Of Kalibruhn by Robert J. Fantasy role-playing game adventures.


She started developing the 1. Mindful of the need to conserve water, Katherine selected California native plants that are natural companions in the wild and suited to the climate and conditions of the site. Once established, the plants receive little or no supplemental irrigation. The front garden showcases grasses, sages, manzanitas, and California fuchsias for a chaparral effect.



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