Basket Fire Performance Cable We supply a full range of fire resistant and fire performance cables, often also referred to as fire survival cables, fire-proof cables, or simply fire cables. Our fire resistant cable range is designed to ensure that emergency systems in public buildings continue to operate in some of the most extreme fire conditions. These cables will form part of the requirements of BS for the installation of fire-resistant power and control cable systems for life safety and fire-fighting applications. These fire resistant single core and multi-core cables are suitable for use within a number of Control Circuit categories.

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Can FP cables be joined? If jointing is unavoidable then a fire resistant box containing ceramic connectors should be used. What clips are required?

The clip is made from non rusting stainless steel with a LS0H powder coating. The tool uses gas nailing technology to fix the clip securely onto a wide range of materials including concrete, steel, composite steel decking, masonry and block work.

Copper "P" clips or steel ties can also be used to install some cable types but plastic or aluminium clips should not be used as sole means of support. Aluminium and plastic clips can easily melt or burn during a fire and the cable may collapse. Please see reference numbers in the datasheet. What Glands are required?

Prysmian nylon glands are recommended for general installations. The gland is not part of the fire resistant cable support but is recommended to reduce the ingress of airborne dust particles. Brass or steel glands may be also used.

What is the maximum operating temperature? What cable lengths are available? Other lengths need to be made to special order please contact us for prices, lead time and minimum quantity. What colours are available? Standard colours are Red and White but other colours are available, including colour matches to special order, contact us for prices, lead time and minimum quantity. What clip spacing is required? Recommended clip spacings are given in our brochure and are generally mm horizontal and mm vertical installation.

What is the life expectancy of FP cables? All fixed wiring cables including FP have a minimum design life in excess of 20 years and we expect them to last well in excess of that under normal operating conditions.

Cables are subject to the standard guarantee as given in the Prysmian Terms and Conditions of sale. Are ferrules required for FP Cable? No — Prysmian replaced silicone rubber with Insudite in and Insudite is a tough, resilient composite material developed by Prysmian — ferrules are not needed.

Are FP Cables suitable for outside installations? FP Cables are suitable for outdoor installation with exposure to normal daylight UV. Colours may fade over time however sheath performance remains unaffected. Disclaimer: The information given in this document is believed to be correct at the time of loading but may be subject to change.

Manufacturing experience The manufacturer should have at least 10 years experience of design, manufacture, development and testing of fire resistant cables of similar construction for use in UK buildings. Certification The manufacturer should hold current, third party accreditation for quality and environmental standards ISO and ISO Screen The screen shall consist of a longitudinally applied laminated aluminium tape, of minimum metal thickness 0.

An uninsulated, tinned copper circuit protective conductor shall be in contact with the screen and match the dimensions and construction of the core conductors. Core Identification Cores shall be identified by colours 2 core to 4 core inclusive and numbered white cores 7 core to 37 inclusive Insulation The insulation shall be of a robust cross-linked thermosetting type complying with BS EN type EI5. Conductors Conductors shall consist of plain annealed copper and a tinned annealed copper circuit protective conductor.

The fire performance gland is a nylon cable gland which is the optimum choice for fire alarm cables. The double clip Firefix is an LUL approved clip for rapid installation of fire alarm and emergency lighting cables.


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