How not? What I really wanted was a nineteenth century style fretless banjo that I could strum out minstrel show and other period music on. Nice stuff! I especially liked the look of his early home made banjo left. So I started to get another one of my "damn-fool ideas" - Why not make a banjo myself? Ever since I was a little kid I have been in awe of my father who never let practical considerations like "I never did this before" get in the way of him doing a project and so with him as my role model I was off and running.

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Of course my folks lived it down in Kentucky but move to Ohio for work and they seemed satisfied that those were just the "good ole days" and were happy with the new suburban life. They are still in print, I think, but there are plenty of used copies available. For either a new or used copy try bookfinder. Enter just Foxfire into the title search block and Wigginton into the author search block there are other books with the word Foxfire in the title.

Mike, I believe that "cake tin" banjo that inspired you was made by Stanley Hicks who made my mountain banjos. I have some photos of Stanley and my banjo in an album on my homepage. Plate 78 shows the banjo, and page descibes the maker as saying why he colored moon on it with a green crayon.

Hicks does a fine job, the one in plate 78 was the work of M. I was therefore,not into the hippie, mother earth movements of the time period. Our older boys ages love scouring the pages to find "projects" to start. If you want to get your children out and busy with their hands these books are a good stimulus!


foxfire banjo

In my old wooden cabin up in the hills of south east London I make banjos, canjos, cigarbox guitars and other things that go twang. Every instrument is fully hand made in the traditional way with a minimal use of power tools and usually using reclaimed timber that way i can use exotic hard woods and sleep well at night. So if you are interested in buying a high quality unique instrument keep checking here or contact me if you would like to commission something. Its built from an old circa piano that was beyond repair.


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