The measurement capabilities of the A range from 10 microvolts to 1 Connect the instrument to ac line power. The complete schematic diagrams are lo- cated in Section 8 of this manual. Table lists the fault area indicated by various fulke tions of proper or improper A operation in each of the four functions exercised in the performance test. Now Eltronics Div. Ground lead, straight tiphook tip, high frequency adapter Figure It features a 4!

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Check the A performance: Using the procedures, and packaging and bench techniques that are recommended. Range truth tables are included in table The A circuitry can be divided into three major sections. The slope of the output of U5 is always the same for the reference applied IV or. Now Rubbercraft Corp. The perfor- mance tests par. Select the desired voltage range. Observe the voltage reading displayed in volts rms on the A readoug. With no input to the Vf2 terminals, check the voltage at TP1 1and flukf buffer input U4 pin 3.

It fouke recommended that the contents of this section be read and understood before any attempt is made to operate the instrument. Sub of Raytheon Co. Carefully check the A control settings: In range programming U8 the a input sets the upper range limit and the 3 input sets the lower limit.

The bed information presented to the instrument display polarity, overload, range code, and digit is also applied to the DOU input.

The batteries are recharged by connecting the A to the ac power line. Remove the instrument from the case. The complete schematic diagrams are lo- cated in Section 8 of this manual. Other offers may also be available. It features a 4! Oto V ac Frequency Range: Producing the known amount of current is accomplished with a current follower, Ul, two feedback loops, and a current source U3 and Q3. Refer to Section 6 Option fulke for requirements of line voltage change for A instruments.

The Battery Pack provides the A with the capability of operating as a portable battery-operated in- strument. Each of the options and accessories are de- scribed under separate major headings containing the model or option number.

Chicago, IL Airpax Corp. A blinking 1 readout indicates that the A is being operated in an overload condition and provides a test for all seg- ments in the display. The converter then changes the ac input to an equivalent dc voltage for the mV and 2V ranges. Use the procedure which corresponds to the model number of the kit being installed.

After the A-D Converter has integrated the unknown input voltage, integrated the reference voltage, and a the compare output; the circuits of the converter are zeroed for a new measurement.

The options are listed and described in Tableand must be specified at time of purchase. This list presumes an availability of common electronic parts at the maintenance site. Select the 20,or V range. TOP Related.





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