Yep, the early Roselynde novels were certainly the best of the lot, and the most interesting. Fires of Winter by Roberta Gellis — FictionDB geplis A couple of issues that keep me from giving it five stars: Her focus throughout the book is to convince King Stephen to return her lands to her. The earthy feel of it fits the medieval world well. Jun 14, Jo Mixed Book Bag rated it really liked it. Apr 24, Linda Morris rated it really liked it.

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But her family and her life were destroyed by the ravages of war. And her noble name made her a threat to the new king. But through loyalty, cleverness and brute strength, he carved out a spot at the right hand of the king.

And to remain in favor he would do anything, even accept the hand of his enemy. They have nothing in common and every reason to hate each other, but even in the coldest of winters one spark can ignite a fire too hot to tame. I have classified this book as a historical romance, but it is really more history than romance.

The book begins during the childhoods of each character. Melusine is the only surviving daughter of nobility and has been allowed more freedom than most girls of this time period.

Bruno is the son of an English lord and the manor whore. Her focus throughout the book is to convince King Stephen to return her lands to her. Bruno is a soldier of King Stephen and attends him at Court. King Stephen gives Melusine to Bruno as a bride to serve two purposes.

Taking place during the s or High Middle Ages in England and Scotland, the author spends a lot of time discussing the political maneuverings of various characters at the beginning of the book. These are not the two protagonists, but various lords, princes, and religious leaders.

This is not a time period that I am particularly familiar with so it is probably a good thing that the author spends some time setting the landscape. It is not until the eighty-sixth page that Bruno and Melusine meet. He weds and beds her and she tries to kill him. Probably not the best start to a marriage. I almost gave up on this book several times. If it had not been a book I had promised to review, I would never have finished it.

As I said earlier, it is more history than romance. I felt there was way too much time spent discussing the political landscape to the detriment of the story between Bruno and Melusine. Having said that, I am glad I finished it. I now know something of the history of that time period, although I do not know how accurate it is. The book had a solid ending with enough information about Bruno and Melusine to satisfy my curiosity on how their lives turned out.

I would never recommend this book to someone who is looking for a romance. However, if you are interested in a political history of the time period, this is definitely the book for you. Ratings: Overall: 2 starsSensuality level: 3. Each chapter is told in alternating po Actually 3. Each chapter is told in alternating points of view. Alternating points of view. Do you remember that movie that came out a few years ago with that guy from Lost? It was terrible.

It was called Vantage Point and about the 80 millionth time they went back to explain it I was ready to take extreme measures just to make it stop. I tell you this to explain that while the book alternates view points, they also go back in the story line to explain the same event from the opposite point of view.

Drove me nuts towards the end. I wanted to know what was going to happen, not what had already happened! Gellis probably expected this and it definitely kept this reader hooked while slowly driving me towards insanity….. Melusine and Bruno are great together even though they were forced on each other.

Melusine is headstrong and calculating. Bruno is guarded but gentle. It was magic watching these two learn to love each other. Both she and Hugh had my attention when they were in the story line. Both Bruno and Melusine start their stories from their individual beginnings at the start of the book and things go from there. The events that bring Melusine and Bruno together are tragic to say the least and my heart hurt for them.

It would make them stronger later. The biggest conflict outside of the romance is war. I was impressed with how we learned about Bruno and Melusine as they developed and at the same time a country under a king was also raging wars and developing into what it would become. There were some pretty low points but it all worked out well in the end. It certainly made gaining a deeper relationship a harder task. Fires of Winter is set in the 12th century, and starts with the story of the charming hero, Bruno, as a child.

He does some amazing things when only a boy, including taking care of his orphaned baby half-sister. The sibling love between them is touching.

His sister is the legitimate daughter of a lord while Bruno is a bastard. Despite this, he works hard and moves up in the world to become a knight who works closely with the king, Stephen. Politics play a big role in this book and take up much of the story.

They are tightly woven into the plot. At this time in history, the daughter of the late king is fighting her cousin, the current king, for the right to the throne. The author wrote the historical details as if she had seen a diary of people who lived through it. It was very convincing. The hero, Melusine, turns out to be a good match for Bruno.

She loses her entire family and temporarily goes mad. She fights her growing love for her husband because everyone she loves dies. Something that makes this different from the average romance is an occasional action by the hero that is normally taboo in this genre.

Also, another thing is slightly disturbing. In the beginning of their marriage, Bruno goes to a prostitute to satisfy his urges. It felt more like he had forgotten that night long before with a hired woman. The writing style is straight to the point, not flowery.

The earthy feel of it fits the medieval world well. Interestingly, he displays a kind of innocence in his thoughts and actions as he falls in love with his wife. His closeness to the king adds interest to a story filled with political intrigue. For fans of medieval romance who are looking for something a little different, this would be a great story to check out. The author knows her stuff.

January 1, Blodeuedd Finland This book can be mistaken for historical romance, but personally I would not say it is that. It is more the child of Historical fiction and romance. It is the tone, the vibe, the story that makes it so. Bruno is told to marry Lady Melusine and so he does. There is no instant love between these two. They both know they have duty and This book can be mistaken for historical romance, but personally I would not say it is that. Sure there is later lust, and she feels she would like to have a child.

But there is no romance, and do not take that the wrong way, that is good, that is real. Melusine is a woman who knows what she wants, the land back that the king took from her after her father died fighting the king. That is all she asks for. Bruno on the other hand is a bastard of a lord, he knows his place, he is favored by the king, and he is very loyal.

He also does not really find out what Melusine is all about. I think that is where he lost me at one point of the book. On every page he mentioned that he does not trust her the queen says she is a rebel , it got old. I do understand it, but Melusine never did anything to prove it right, so he could have trusted her a bit. What makes this book different from the HR you might get from the cover is that there are a lot of facts. Never dry ones though, but we get to see the fight between King Stephen and Empress Matilda.

Cities that are taken, who changed side, what did King David of Scotland do and so on. As for romance, the love that slowly grows between these too is a fiery passion, a love for home and the man or woman who might be right for you.

A truer love that takes time to grow. It was an interesting book places against a time of turmoil in England. A good lovestory and what I just love, history, facts and the feeling you are there in the dirty streets and the beautiful halls. The first few There HAD to be some bodice-ripping throughout history!

The first few chapters are mainly character development, and there is sometimes the feeling of backtracking. Fires of Winter is the story of a love-match made despite the dangerous times and doubtful circumstances. The author obviously knows the time period well, and her teasing, alternating chapters kept me interested until the end.


Fires of Winter

Probably more of a two-and-a-half star rating. In the beginning of their marriage, Bruno goes to a prostitute to satisfy his urges. Oct 01, Ltlmer2 rated it really liked it. It is not until the eighty-sixth page that Bruno and Melusine meet. This book can be mistaken for historical romance, but personally I would not say it is that.



Start your review of Fires of Winter Tales of Jernaeve, 2 Write a review Shelves: romance , romance-historical , library-ebook , all , new I liked this. I found reading it very strange. But I loved the court politics stuff, and even though the romance starts on a REAL sketchy note, I came to like the hero and heroine together very much. Despite his dubious parentage, Bruno uses his skills with swords and horses to make his way, eventually leading to service at the court of King Stephen who has usurped the English crown from his cousin Matilda. Melusine of Ulle is from Cumbria in the North and when the last of her family dies fighting against King Stephen she is brought to court as a lady in waiting to Queen Maude. I guess that sounds good enough of a basis for your usual historical romance and as much as I do enjoy reading Gellis this book has some problems.


Fires Of Winter (2011)

Publishers Weekly has deemed her a master of the medieval historical. She currently resides in Lafayette, Indiana. Roberta Gellis is the bestselling author of over 25 novels in different fields. New York Times best-seller John Jakes has called her a superb storyteller of extraordinary talent; Publishers Weekly has termed her a master of the medieval historical. Read an Excerpt Chapter 1 Bruno My mother was a castle whore. My father, Sir William Fermain, holder of Jernaeve keep, took the whore Berta to his bed in spite of his wife.

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