Yet Reinhard is quick to give credit where credit is due - from zero to hero; he often says, referring to God s grace poured into his life and ministry. This theme of empowering grace pushes each story to a higher level Everyone has a dream, or perhaps had a dream. These are stories of real people, Reinhard included, who through failure, weakness, and just bad circumstances watched their dreams evaporate. But God was not finished.

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Huge crowds and global coverage made the event — which was carried live on CfaN. With his wife, Anni, and his family by his side and his spiritual son and successor, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, to lean on, Bonnke finished the way he started over 50 years ago — by simply preaching the Gospel of salvation. The very emotional event drew a total of over 1. Hundreds of evangelists, pastors, leaders and businessmen from around the world came to see the famed evangelist cross the finish line of his public ministry in Africa.

We will build on the foundation that has been laid by Evangelist Bonnke and the CfaN team and God will do even greater things in the days to come. We will take that baton of the Gospel and run with all our might. The best is yet to come. A woman brought her teenage son to the stage to share their testimony.

Her teenage son is a tangible representation of the compassion of Christ and the Holy Spirit-powered Gospel that Bonnke advocates, embodies and envisions for the next generation. On the last night of the five-day crusade, amidst joyful sounds of heartfelt worship, by a massive choir, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke stepped forward to preach to his last African audience, a massive crowd.

It was an emotional, memorable moment for all those who have stood with his ministry for the last five decades.

As he gave the altar call for salvation, thousands upon thousands of hands went up, and the counselors rallied to help the new converts. According to Russell K. I was overwhelmed with so many emotions as a giant of the faith completed what he loves to do more than anything else on this earth: preach the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Africa is truly being saved and Reinhard Bonnke will always be known for being a large part of that. Him I have preached with all my might, and I will continue as He helps me.


Ten great quotes from late Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

For the few that might not be conversant with this name, Bonnke was born in Germany in , came to Christ at the age of nine and in , he was called into ministry in a small town of Lesotho in South Africa. More than 30 years later, the CfaN team has held crusades around the world, published million books in languages, and trained countless leaders. Even Greater is a book of 12 chapters, based on real life events and testimonies. I just knew I would preach in this disco. Nothing could deny the love of Jesus I felt.


Even Greater (Soft Cover)



Reinhard Bonnke’s Even Greater: An inspiration to do greater things for God



Even Greater


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