Energy Storage PV Generation with Microinverters Microinverters are installed behind each solar module and convert the DC power from solar modules to grid-compliant AC power right at the module. Review specifications and design resources for each of our Microinverters below. Continuing the example from above, the maximum number of S single-phase microinverters that can be installed on a 20A circuit is If creating a system with zero-export capabilities in mind, it should be noted that an Envoy-S Metered gateway must be paired with S-Series Microinverters. Other string systems paired with the Envoy-S Metered gateway are incapable of doing zero export. Commercial Support Enphase provides customer service, training and engineering staff to assist deployment of Enphase products in the APAC region.

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Not greatly impressed Provides a reasonable replication of the standard website. For example usual purchase price from grid is around 0.

With a little calculator built into the website you could provide an estimate of net cost otherwise why allow purchase price to be configured on the site. It has no value to the user The site does enable one to estimate the base load and the load caused by big items, washing machine, dryer, aircon, etc. I am a big fan of the Enphase system, but this new user interface needs major improvement. So disappointed I am hoping this will be fixed. In the meantime I will go back to using the website login.

The histogram style curve of the web software is much easier to comprehend at a glance than the continuous curve on the app. Why would you develop two different displays for the same data?? As a result they hide 2 of my panels in the default view. This is the only app I have ever used that have zoom buttons that take up so much real estate.

It took me a day or so to realise that to refresh data you have to pull down on the screen - no prompt to tell you that. Not rocket science to allow this. Many other apps eg stock charting ones have this ability. Clearly the developer of this app is not an actual user of the data.


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Enlighten Support



Enphase Setup


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