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He has been a Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research a network of leading European economists since its inception in He co-authored several of the CEPR annual reports in the series he helped found: monitoring the european central bank, and monitoring european integration.

He was also founding Managing Editor of economic policy, now an official journal of the European Economic Association. Previously he was vice chairman of Citigroup and president of Citigroup International, and from to he was first deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund. He taught at the University of Chicago while Rudi Dornbusch was a student there, starting a long friendship and collaboration.

From to he was chief economist at the World Bank. His main research interests are economic growth and development; international economics and macroeconomics, particularly inflation and its stabilization; and the economics of transition. His research was primarily in international economics, with a major macroeconomic component.

His special research interests included the behavior of exchange rates, high inflation and hyperinflation, and the problems and opportunities that high capital mobility pose for developing economies.

He lectured extensively in Europe and in Latin America, where he took an active interest in problems of stabilization policy, and held visiting appointments in Brazil and Argentina.

Economics and the Economy 2. Tools of Economics Analysis 3. Elasticities of Demand and Supply 5. Consumer Choice and Demand 6. Introducing Supply Decisions 8.

Perfect Competition and Pure Monopoly 9. Market Structure and Imperfect Competition The Labour Market Factor Markets and Income Distribution Risk and Information.


Professor Gianluigi Vernasca

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Economics by Begg and Vernasca

I cannot compare it to other textbooks of a similar This textbook provides an introduction to many of the core concepts of Economics. I found myself making a note of a couple of extracts here and there which were either difficult to understand without further explanation, or which seemed to contradict what else was being taught. This could easily just be an issue others with better understanding may not encounter, but considering it has been written as an introductory text I found one or two of these instances bewildering. It did seem in areas like it was struggling to focus on its point in certain chapters in which the chapter structure could do with revision examples springing to mind include the chapter on the monetarist view of the macroeconomy and that on game theory. These took longer to decipher exactly what the book was trying to convey. I cannot say whether this is an issue with every version of the book, but in mine, no answers to chapter questions were available.





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