Freitag ist ein Feiertag und wird eng mit dem Imam af assoziiert. Es wird auch erwartet, dass Imam Mahdi af am Freitag wieder erscheint. O mein Allah! Der Eine wurde erschaffen, um die Arche zu befahren und wurde errettet und wurde in Sicherheit vor der Vernichtung durch Deine Barmherzigkeit gebracht.

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O my Allah! All praise is for Thee for that which Thou decided upon and resolved in the matter of Thy friends, whom Thou purified for Thyself and Thy religion. When wisdom and high rank from Thee, prostrated themselves in adoration before them from the Bountiful Preserving Lord , for whom neither there was any decreased, nor dispersion thereafter, then Thou stipulated for them piety and righteousness.

While they were in this mean and crooked world, free from its pomp, vanity and false enjoyments, Thy overreaching authority made known their identity; and equipped them with sincerity and perfection stood surety for them and communicated intimately with them, sent the news of their auspicious arrival in advance, and praised them in clear terms for the benefit of one and all. Fell down on the ground in prostration Thy Angels before them, Thou chose them to reveal Thy Words, gave them Thy wisdom as a gift, set them up as the only medium to reach Thee, the only means to the eternal land of peace and happiness.

One dwelled in Paradise until Thou sent him on as the first Prophet. One was made to cruise the "Ark", and had been rescued, and kept safe from destruction through Thy mercy.

One was chosen and prepared for Thy Mission, as Thy Friend, who made a request to Thee for a good report in his later generations, so Thou approved and complied with, exalted them and gave them authority.

One was spoken directly through the Tree, his brother was appointed his successor and helper. One was brought in without a father, was given clear proofs, and was supported with the Holy Spirit.

For each Thou prescribed a Divine law, and set up a traced out path, each was appointed a guardian-executor, and each fulfilled the duty after being kept safe and protected, in the term of establishing Thy religion, a witness and argument over Thy servants mankind , Lest the truth staggered from its firm stand and foundation, and the falsehood conquered the hearts of the people, and might not say a single man: "If only Thou had sent a Messenger unto us as a Warner, to show us the path of wisdom and guidance, so that we might have followed Thy revelations before we were thus humbled and disgraced!

So Thou just as chose him master of Whosoever Thou created, made him whom Thou Selected , pure, clean and the best, exalted and praised him whom Thou elected , surpassed in generosity and liberality while bestowing high-mindedness and beneficence upon him whom Thou took in confidence and relied upon ; made him leader-in-chief of all thy Prophets, and sent him to the troubled world of men and jinn, among Thy servants, lowered and humbled before him the Easts and the Wests, under his total control was brought all affairs, exalted his soul in Thy heavens gave over to him the knowledge of what took place and what will happen, concerning facts and operation of creation.

Then invested him with awe and majesty, Jibraeel, Meekaaeel, and distinguished Angels stood around; him at his beck and call, gave Thy word to him that Thou would make his religion prevail over all religions, however much the idolaters may be averse.

Thereafter acknowledged his atonement and provided good and perfection for his children, allotted for him and his children the first sanctuary appointed for mankind, at Becca Mecca , a blessed place, a guidance to the people, wherein are plain and clear signs; the place where Ibraahim stood up to pray, and whosoever enters it is safe. So Thou certainly did not let his hard work go waste, and gave authority to his successor, Ali ibne Abi Taalib, Thy blessings be on them both, and on this children , a guide.

At the time when he was made a warner and a guide for every people, said he the Holy Prophet , their Guide, in a public meeting overflowing with people; "Of Whomsoever I am the Mawlaa Lord, Master Ali is his Mawlaa.

O Allah! Lawful was for him Ali , in "the mosque", that which was permitted to him Muhammad , all doors were closed, except his door. He said: "I am the city center of knowledge and Ali is its gate. Whoso desires to approach and dwell in the city of knowledge and wisdom should come through its door. Were it not you O Ali, the faithfuls would not know the truth after me. He had thrown the proud tribal chiefs of Arabia into a fright, destroyed their heroes, attacked and dispersed their cavalries, because of which hatred and deep grudge took root in their hearts.

Badr, Khaybar, and Hunain created jealousy and envy in them, therefore, united they joined hands to oppose him, and came out in great number to fight against him, till he destroyed all deserters, who had swerved from what was right, the shameless who deviated from true religion, while he was carrying out the important mission.

Killed him a malicious criminal, a contemporary, serving the interest and following the doctrine of earlier impudent villians. An unparalleled and outlandish approach was applied to the directions of the Messenger of Allah, Blessings of Allah be on him and on his children , concerning the "Guides" Imaams , one after the other.

The narrow-minded obstinate "ummah" did not care for and had ill-feelings towards him. Flocked together to pass up and deny his connection with his family, and pushed his children out of their way, but a handful of sincere faithfuls kept their promise and dutifully upheld the rights of his children; Some were slain, some were held prisoners, some were sent to distant foreign lands, and they met face to face when came upon their destiny martyrdom.

That which is given to each of them as reward of good deeds is the best recompense, since the earth belongs to Allah, and He gives it for an inheritance to whom He wants from among His servants, and the good end is for the God-fearing wise; glory to our Lord! So be purified and refined by making known and remembering the choicest children of Muhammad and Ali, blessings of Allah be on them both, and on their children. The heartbroken, in tears, make their hearts bleed, together with them, the deeply moved perceptive men of letters describe their wisdom and liberality, as they themselves used to do, eyes of sensitive and thoughtful people are full of overflowing tears, their voices choked up with emotion; they cry out to protest against the injustice done, they call up dumb and insensate souls to stir and take notice.

Where is Hasan? Where is Husayn? Where are the children of Husayn? The whole good, one and all! The truth altogether! Where is the regular unbroken vital connection? Where is the on going sequence of desirable goodness? Where are the clear source and spring of Light vision and insight? Where are the lively vivid handsome faces? Where are the distinctly visible pioneers? Where are the "know all the answers" scholars who communicated and made clear the religion of Allah? The fundamentals of knowledge and wisdom!

Where is the impenetrable defense who broke the back of the oppressive tyrants? Where is the "awaited saviour" who will set the have-nots and the depressed on their feet? Where is the "The Hope" who will put and end to tyranny and oppression? Where is the "preserved guaranty" who shall give new life to rule of law and refined way of life?

Where is the "Chosen in preference good" who shall raise the spirits of the people and give currency to justice and fairplay? Where is the "hope-giving confidante" who shall make full use of the "Book" and define the sphere of action?

Where is he who shall break up meddlesome trouble and tampering? Where is he who shall pull down the foundations of confusion polytheists and hypocrisy? Where is he who shall stamp out corruption, vice, reaction and injustice? Where is he who shall trim the outgrowth of despair, longing and hardships?

Where is he who shall erase the traces of unfairness and self-seeking conceit? Where is he who shall untie the twisted knotes of falsehood and disruption? Where is he who shall separate senselessness and insolence from the people?

Where is he who shall tear up by the roots obstinacy, corruption and apostasy? Where is he who shall love dearly the favourites of Allah and take pains to tame and train the trangressors?

Where is he who shall make people familiar with "words of wisdom"? Where is the ultimate Divine source of plenty and prosperity? Where is the "Divine aspect" the God-fearing may look up to? Where is the link that connects the cosmic complex? Where is the authority who shall communicate and make known the true point of view? Where is the author of the conception of peace, fairplay and welfare?

Where is the defender of the traditions of the Prophets and their children? Where is the investigator of the blood of the Martyrs of Karbalaa? Where is he who shall get the upper hand over the perpetrators of crime and greed? Where is he who shall not rest until he answers the cries of help when called upon?

Where is the foremost leader of the people — the just, the truthful and the wise? Where is the son of the chosen Prophet?

The son of Ali Al-Murtaza! The son of Khadeejah, the resplendent! The son of Faatimah, the great! My father, my mother, and I turn to you for protection and sanctuary. O son of the favourite Leaders! O Son of the distinguished nobles! O son of the rightly guided Guides!

O Son of the most refined high-minded liberals! O Son of the select generous Guardians! O son of the polite and pure purifiers! O Son of the impartial judges! O Son of the openhanded hosts! O Son of the mature teachers! O Son of the brilliant fulfillers! O Son of the clear and precise arguments who penetrated deep into the domain of mind! O inheritor of the made known prophesy! O inheritor of the clear preaching! O inheritor of the evident signs!

O inheritor of the exact science! O inheritor of the widely sought after culture and customs! O inheritor of the milestones of glory and greatness! O inheritor of the extraordinary events! O inheritor of the reason that had been put to experiment! O inheritor of the Right Path! O inheritor of the Message that made deep impression on mankind! O inheritor of the convincing proofs! O inheritor of the genuine evidence! O inheritor of the distinctly visible demonstration! O inheritor of the decisive information!

O inheritor of the absolute joy and happiness!


Du’a Nudba – Bittgebet der Wehklage Dua Alnudba Dua Deutsch Schia

May my soul be ransom for you; for although you are away, you have never been away from us. May my soul be ransom for you; for you are the wish of an eager believing man or woman who mention you and miss you. We held these sessions every Friday. This level of commitment was the foundation of our success. These gatherings were solely for women in our community who wished to come together to pray and form friendships with other women from our community through one common goal - the recitation of Dua e Nudba to "…get acquainted with the Imam of our time…Imam Mahdi atfs " and to seek the pleasure of Allah swt.





Du’a Noudba (Invocation de “La Complainte”)


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