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Drumstick Spinology provides the secrets and methodology drummers need to become a part of this legacy. See you on stage!!! Drummers will now be able to add a variety of visual effects to spice up their live performances. See below for an overview of the book and DVD. The DVD brings each spin to life with close up shots, slow motion , detailed explanations, and live playing examples at the drum set , showing you how to incorporate this knowledge into your playing!

By the time you get through this body of work, you will have an extensive repertoire of spins to start putting your own show together. The techniques and method described within will not only give you the tools to develop spinning drumsticks, but will help you to expand your repertoire, create your own spins, and develop your style on the stage by adding to your performance as a drummer and musician.

You will learn my unique system for identifying the various parts of the hand and drumstick; see the several ways to grip the sticks; find out which directions it will travel; and try some warm up exercises. I have written, re-written, and re-re written this material several times over the years to help express exactly what each of the various maneuvers called for.

Chapter 5 is a compilation of ideas for your entertainment, amusement and imagination, to further inspire your creativity with the drumsticks. The DVD is about 56 minutes and contains the following: times are approximate 20 sec. Explanation of the system 10 min.

Chapter 1 no sound 15 min. Break down of common spins 18 min. Chapter 2 no sound 7 min. Chapter 3 live application 5 min. Chapter 4 no sound The intro shot is me playing a funky drumbeat and spinning the sticks all over the place. I talk for a while and explain several things about the book, video, and how things are set up. Then I show you the 15 Basic Spins from Chapter 1 in regular and slow motion. Chapter 2 shows the 70 Variations with the hand and stick s.

With the black background, these spins really came out looking great. Chapter 3 is again at the drum set, showing 22 Applications for your live playing. Watch out for my extra cool leather vest my producers idea. Each spin is fully explained in the book. From ancient times, drummers have brought pageantry and spectacle to the art of performing. Throughout the ages great drummers have inspired and entertained with their rhythms and personalities.

Those with an extra flare for showmanship and choreography have added a favorite spin or two captivating the eyes of the observer. Be it new or old, rock or jazz, small clubs or concert halls…the audiences are in awe. Drums have also played a large part in communication over time.

War drums of old conveyed orders to the field, shaman communicated with the spirits, and even Morse code is a kind of drumming language. I hope that this book and DVD will help to inspire a new generation of drummers. Share this:.


Steve Stockmal – Drumstick Spinology

Bralkis Some photos are missing. Learn more about Amazon Prime. The Book — Leave out chapter 5 10 pages dedicated to humor saving the trees needed to print this section. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. After all your emails and requests, we decided xpinology give Drumstick Spinology a face lift! Identify each web page that allegedly contains infringing material. Spinology — Wikipedia Click on a star to rate.


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