Bhaskara Prakasha Ashram is really blessed to have conducted the global online Devi Mahatmyam Parayanam for the last 9 nine days of this Vasanta Navaratri culminating with Lalitha Sahasranamam and Trisati on the 10th day with the Sankalpam for Global healing and well-being. Seeing the outpour from people for the Viswa Svastya Chandi Parayanam on March 22nd, we decided to host this 10 day event in a very short time. With the blessings of our Gurumandala and Goddess Chandika Mahalakshmi, I am very happy to let you know that, we have chanted more than 2, Devi Mahatmyam Parayanam, completed more than 10 lakhs of Navakshari Japam and had people joining the Parayanam by listening to it entirely with complete devotion. None of this would have been possible without the outpouring support and participation of devotees from across the globe. This Vasanta Navartri was truly a special event -- First time we have ever conducted Devi Mahatmyam parayanam for nine days completely online. Although we all are geographically separated, it felt as if we were together in front of Devi chanting in unison.

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Mackenzie Brown, is both a culmination of centuries of Indian ideas about the divine feminine, as well as a foundation for the literature and spirituality focussed on the feminine transcendence in centuries that followed. Thus, it can be concluded that the text was composed before the 7th century CE. The saguna forms of her, asserts the text, are Mahakali destroyer, Tamasic , Mahalakshmi sustainer, Rajasic and Mahasaraswati creator, Sattvic , [34] which as a collective are called Tridevi.

The nirguna concept Avyakrita, transcendent is also referred to as Maha-lakshmi. At the beginning of each episode a different presiding goddess is invoked, none of whom is mentioned in the text itself. The sage instructs by recounting three different epic battles between the Devi and various demonic adversaries the three tales being governed by the three Tridevi , respectively, Mahakali Chapter 1 , Mahalakshmi Chapters , and Mahasaraswati Chapters Most famous is the story of Mahishasura Mardini — Devi as "Slayer of the Buffalo Demon" — one of the most ubiquitous images in Hindu art and sculpture, and a tale known almost universally in India.

Vishnu manifests from all pervading Narayan and goes into deep slumber on Adi Sesha. Brahma sings to the Great Goddess, asking her to withdraw from Vishnu so he may awaken and slay the demons. Devi agrees to withdraw and Vishnu awakens and vanquishes the demons. Here Devi serves as the agent who allows the cosmic order to be restored.

She is a great Warrior Goddess, representing divine anger and the lethal energy against evil. The episode stages a world under attack by a form-shifting Mahishasura , an evil demon who uses deception to disarm his opponents, ultimately taking the form of a buffalo demon.

He defeats the male gods individually, who fear total annihilation of the forces of good. They team up, combine their individual strengths and channel it into endowed Durga.

Riding a lion into battle, Durga captures and slays the buffalo demon, by cutting off its head. If a community or individual cannot recite the entire Devi Mahatmya composition, the middle episode alone is recited at a puja or festival.


Devi Mahatmyam Devi Suktam in Tamil and English

Very good to hear that you have matured in your spiritual path. The king, the merchant and the sage are archetypal characters that reside in all of us to differing degrees, characters with whom we can identify to varying degrees. As his name indicates, Samadhi, the merchant is single-minded or one-pointed in his pursuits. Being a merchant initially his focus is on wealth.


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