She is an American writer who mainly writes about the science fiction, suspense, horror, mystery and fantasy. Having being able to produce more than thirty novels, Caine is considered to be one the bestselling authors across the globe. Caine is a woman who has a lot of careers. Apart from being a good writer, she has worked as an accountant, as an investigator in an insurance company and also until recently, she was continuing in the corporate world to carry on a secret identity. The surprising thing about Caine is that, she is also a very good professional musician. She is married to a fantasy artist R.

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You are officially the best girlfriend ever. Die quietly. But sometimes you have to live dangerously. I believe she may have, you know, mental issues Justice means judging each person individually. Better to run toward something than from something.

He said, in a voice tight with fury, "Would that be the dead guard in our damn basement? Why, did you kill one, too? Ask me in! How else could you explain concentration camps and genocide and all the awful things people did to each other every day? In the end, loving Myrnin, really loving him, could be like living with an unexploded bomb - sooner or later it was bound to go off, and for someone fragile and human, it would be fatal.

It was an evasion. I mean, I might literally howl. You count too many things as failures when they are merely setbacks. Our home, and our neighbours and perhaps even our friends. You fall into the trap of thinking as Fallon does, that there are only heroes and villains, monsters and victims, and nothing between. We all stand in that space, crossing the line to one side, then the other.

Even you. By taking away everything I love? Everything I honour? Far too late. Fallon already did that. Now she had a ten-inch strip of metal with sharp edges, handcuffs, and a paper clip. Her odds were improving all the time. It was over in what seemed far too little time, and then her dad handed her off to Shane, and her heart almost stopped as his eyes met hers.


[PDF] Daylighters Book (The Morganville Vampires) Free Download (368 pages)

Graduating high school early and attending university at the age of 16, she is one of the youngest characters in the series, but is exceptionally intelligent for her age which causes many people especially vampires to take a special interest in her. She is the assistant of Myrnin and was assigned to the job by Amelie, the Founder of Morganville and the oldest vampire in the world other than Bishop. After moving to Morganville themselves, they frequently insist that she move back in with them. She is well known by vampires and humans alike, sometimes respected and sometimes hated by individuals from both sides as vampires tend to think she is allowed too much liberty as humans are unofficially considered second-class , and humans often view her as a traitor and puppet of the vampires. As of Last Breath, Claire was killed by the master draug, Magnus, but the Glass House saved her like it did Michael, by making her into a ghost but trapping her within the Glass Houses walls. At the end of Bitter Blood Claire get permission to leave Morganville to go to MIT, a gift from the founder for all the work she has done for the town.



Morganville is a dear old friend, and I am sad to have to say goodbye. Which leads to great entertainment and some serious soul searching. An every day Morganville tale, right? Yes, but this one is quite different in that it plays in the gray zone. The human residents can walk freely at night and breathe without fearing the vampires will attack for no reason whatsoever, but at that cost? The Daylighters corralled the vampires into an enclave and more than likely are ready to kill every last one of them.

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