Vishakar Long Distance Love Dec 15, I never really thought much about how we view and judge female sexuality. Buy this book and see for yourself! Provide feedback about this page. Having that said, Commitment is a wonderful story about last chance. Thanks so much for your replies last week.

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Commitment is so much more than a pregnancy story which the cover will lead you to believe. Although the cover is pretty cute I like to compare Maggie to Annette Bening in the sense that she landed the whale, Tom. Tom the forever playboy is the sexy attorney that seems to have a collection furnishings from previous relationships scattered around his home. I love to read about alpha male protagonists like Tom.

All of sudden after years of being in the drivers seat, they are on a new unfamiliar terrain. Love love love it. I want to spend time with you. She has enjoyed the majority of her life, owns a business that she is passionate about and now wants to take the next step in her life by having a baby. The darn biological clock is ticking away as she nears her 40th birthday.

I just adore Maggie. I want Maggie as a friend. I know that I have really connected with a character when I wish I could just pick up the phone and make plans to hang out. Commitment is a great title because it plays on a double entendre on so many levels. There is the obvious commitment of a relationship and to have a baby but there is more. Teasers: granny pants sexy scene, Fred the cat loved Fred!

She makes an appointment with a fertility clinic, but a chance meeting with Tom changes everything. The chemistry between Tom and Maggie is insane. They play so incredibly well off each other. Their dialogue flows seamlessly, and their banter is written to perfection. She even discovers a secret staring spot to admire him from whenever possible, and she finds herself falling hard for her newly domesticated man.

The thing I loved most about this book was the strength of all the characters. Margaret Ethridge has such a knack for developing real, living, breathing characters that are so full of energy, so full of spunk, and so easy to relate to. There are, of course, a lot of bumps in the road, and complications along the way, but in the end they realize what it takes to make things work: commitment. As soon as I got the chance to I read it and somehow the magic the book had got lost.

I wasnt expecting a two person point of view even though in the end I found I welcomed it. It was slow and fast at the same time.

I know it doesnt make sence so I will explain. It was fast and easy meaning that I had not realised how the time had passed from the moment I started the book until I finish it. It was slow "Maggie McCann, will you have my baby? I liked the book. The characters, especially Fred, the story and everything about it. So 5 stars for the playboy who tries to convince the girl who knew prince charming doesnt exist and still wanted him to give a chance to him and find their Happily Ever After.

Finished a fabulous book by one of my favorite authors, Margaret Ethridge 2. Got to find out a lot more about surprise couple Tom and Maggie, who first made their appearance in Contentment 3. Tom and Maggie join the list of other fun, flirty, and fabulous couples penned by Ms. Ethridge 4. Pregnancy is now such a long-ago memory that I can read about morning Reasons why this was a really good day: 1. Pregnancy is now such a long-ago memory that I can read about morning sickness and feel nostalgic instead of experiencing sympathetic dry heaves 6.

Or a guy licking bear claw crumbs from our chests? The book had an epilogue!











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