She believes that the contents of these stone records will prove that Black Africans were the midwives of human civilization, and will change human history as we know it. In these, we found that the Hebrew Bible, the Kabbalahs of the Hebrews and the Chinese, the Hindu Vedas and Ramayana, and the recently discovered Egyptian Crystal Bible called the Nag Hammadi are of immense importance in revealing lost knowledge. Wherever we looked we found evidence confirming the claims by geneticists who have been conducting mitochondrial DNA research in four leading universities here in the USA that all mankind came from sub-Saharan Africa, that Eve and Adam were black Africans. However, our findings reveal that the creation of Adam was a downward climb on the evolutionary ladder, because he lost his divine essence, he became divided, no longer whole, or wholesome. All over Africa and in ancient Egyptian reports, oral and written traditions maintain that homo erectus people were heavenly beings, and possessed mystical powers such as telepathy, levitation, bi-location, that their words could move rocks and mountains and change the course of rivers. Adam lost all that when his right brain was shut down.

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Our Products and Services Archaeological Projects If archaeological sites cannot be avoided or protected safely within the scope of development or construction, or for documentation of history, excavation is a method of preservation. The CARC team offers strategy and methodology that documents a site as appropriately as possible whilst balancing commercial considerations.

Restoration Projects Input in all stages of planning and execution of preservation and restoration of heritage and historical structures can be provided by the CARC unit. Our services cover on and offshore developments and are designed to assess and mitigate risks of these sites. Arts and Culture Research Projects We undertake consultancy of projects, turnkey, which involve the setting up of research, archival, preservation laboratories or development facilities.

From pre-planning surveys and site investigations, right through to mitigation excavations are all part of projects, the CARC team undertakes. Training and Outreach Skill Development modules curated as offshoots of research in domains are not limited to management houses but are distilled to reach school classrooms and the arms of the government to lay the foundation of tomorrow, today.

With our outreach partners, we are making valuable inroads into the education sector. Documentaries Are you in need of a documentary, mini-documentary or short film to tell your story? Turn key documentary projects are taken up by the CARC team. Our Ongoing Projects.


They Lived Before Adam

The late Dr. Acholonu was the author of at least eighteen books, many of which are used in secondary schools and universities in Nigeria , and in African Studies Departments in USA and Europe. She supported Radio Biafra and helped with the "million man march" and was steadfast in her defense of the indigenous peoples of Africa, especially in Biafra. Catherine and American friend Sidney Davis She was a strong advocate of traditional Igbo culture and religion and those who knew her well addressed her as Ezenwanyi, which in Igbo means "a women with the power of a king. Her book Motherism discusses gender, culture and identity with a focus on women and mothering. Acholonu recognizes complementarity between male and female, and refers to the Male and Female principles in the creative order.


They Lived Before Adam, Prehistoric Origin of Ndigbo – The Never-Been-Ruled

Its first city was called Kish. Kish was established and ruled by Nimrud, the grandson of Ham by 3, B. The next Sumerian city was Agade, also called Akkad. However, many cities of Sumer were eclipsed my natural and man-made disasters so devastating that they literally disappeared from the face of the earth. Many cities were abandoned and were buried by thousands of years of piled up mud. Laouali Yahaya, a Muslim Scholar from Niger Republic has been conducting research that are demonstrating linguistic connections between Northern Nigerians and Egyptians, while a host of Yoruba scholars have successfully demonstrated Yoruba links with Egypt.


Catherine Acholonu

Cain, who killed his brother, was banished and he began to roam the earth and took the name Amakandu condemned to life of roaming , but as time went on, some of his children got tired of roaming and decided to build settlements for themselves. In fact, there is a clan in Anambra State that goes by the name Dunukofia, meaning that to settle is better than to roam. Nwosu, which narrates that God gave a set of 10 laws on stone to his people called Ndiichie Akwa, which were symbolised by 10 fingers etched on stone. This has a similarity to Hebrew story of the laws given to Moses by God. The story says that after the world was destroyed by the great flood, the children of the great ancestor of Igbo people were instructed by God to return to the center of the earth where he and his lineage will dwell with God in peace and tranquility.

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