Gojas Photographers share their creative secrets. SC-A30 Genuine Leather Carrying Case Once you finish recording, keep your camcorder and all your accessories in this professional-looking, genuine leather soft carrying case. This compact adapter powers your camera from an AC power supply and charges your batteries on the camera. High-quality spreads with lay-flat technology. Widescreen is the future — every HD television is widescreen. Built-in Lens Cover means you never have to go looking for your lens cover again.

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You can even select shots and arrange them in a playlist. You can also capture vibrant still images direct to DVD disc as well. Brilliant optical quality is part of every Canon broadcast TV lens, 35mm film camera, digital camera and camcorder -- and the DC is no exception. It gives you clear, vibrant and brilliant video and digital photographs. Your life never sits still, and the DC will help you capture it all.

Even though video and still images have different color requirements, DIGIC DV II digital signal processing ensures optimal image quality for both video and still images. It also uses a hybrid noise reduction system that employs two types of noise reduction -- for images that are crystal clear.

Line up the horizon or other horizontal lines with the Level Marker in the viewfinder for level landscapes. Or, use the Grid Marker to help compose the perfect shot. Both markers can be set to white or grey for enhanced visibility, no matter what the background.

At a compact 3. Because you want an image made for widescreen, not adapted for widescreen. Widescreen is the future -- every HD television is widescreen.

Canon camcorders use the entire width of the image sensor to capture your precious video in true format. What difference does this make? With more pixels captured, you get better image quality. Other camcorders force the wider picture into a smaller space on the sensor -- giving you a less true image, with fewer pixels and lower quality. With High Resolution recording on a Canon camcorder, the canals of Venice will be as grand as you remembered seeing them.

And you want to shoot in widescreen format to get everything you can out of your new widescreen TV or home theater system. Remember -- widescreen is the future -- be sure you invest in that future with a Canon camcorder.

With Quick Start, you simply push the Quick Start button to put your camcorder in stand-by mode. Then, with your camcorder in stand-by mode, you can simply push it again and your camcorder begins to record in less than a second. It also saves battery power so you get more recording between charges.

Plus, you get a wealth of photo features found on advanced digital still cameras. Special Scene Modes also ensure accurate exposures under a wide variety of difficult lighting conditions.


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