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The E sealed ESAN provides communications service providers with new, flexible, standards-based options for offering high bandwidth, advanced very high bit-rate digital subscriber line 2 VDSL2 services at what Calix believes to be an increasingly strategic point in the evolution of the access network — the remote node.

The environmentally hardened and sealed E combines a low profile, compact form factor with a variety of mounting and powering options to enable extensive deployment flexibility.

Fiber-fed with multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet 10GE feeds capable of connecting to any Ethernet switch in ring, point-to-point, and daisy-chained topologies, the E ESAN has the capacity to support the increasingly bandwidth-intensive services required in "an all-video world. The E, the second member of the E3 family to be introduced, is focused on advanced VDSL2 copper services deployment in low density and remote areas.

Calix customers are finding the E sealed ESANs an easy and cost-effective way to meet broadband demands while strategically driving fiber deployment in their networks. With each unit supporting up to 48 VDSL2 subscribers, communications service providers are viewing the E as a "right-sized" access solution for rapid suburban and urban deployments, capable of being deployed on a "pay-as-you-grow" basis for CAPEX efficiency.

Filling an emerging gap created by growing bandwidth demands and the cost realities of deep fiber deployment, the E3s significantly expand the wide breadth of solutions available in the Calix Unified Access portfolio. We have found the EC to be an ideal fit for our more rural deployments, and view the E as a good option for more densely populated deployment areas. We appreciate the flexibility that the E3 family provides to us, allowing us to deploy on a pay-as-we-grow basis while providing fiber-like speeds over our existing copper.

Additional units can also be linked via either copper or fiber in a daisy-chained configuration. Standards-based and with the flexibility to meet a wide variety of deployment architectures and the capacity to deliver more than Mbps over copper infrastructure, the E addresses a clear and emerging need — a balance between high performance and the deployment realities of the access network.

About Calix Calix is a leading provider in North America of broadband communications access systems and software for copper- and fiber- based network architectures that enable communications service providers to connect to their residential and business subscribers.

Calix has shipped over seven million ports of its Unified Access Infrastructure portfolio to more than North American and international customers, whose networks serve over 40 million subscriber lines in total. Forward-looking statements are based upon information available to us as of the date of this release and we assume no obligation to revise or update any such forward-looking statement to reflect any event or circumstance after the date of this release, except as required by law.

The reader is cautioned not to unduly rely on the forward-looking statements contained in this press release. Categories: Press Releases.


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The original E r1 and EC r1 units support line powering today, but on a dedicated group of line power pairs only. However the new "r2" E3 units expand on the capability by a adding support for copper trunking using multi-pair bonding of up to 8 copper pairs, and b combining the copper uplink function onto the same pairs as the line power supply. This capability reduces the cost of deploying short loop VDSL2 services in the outside plant by remote powering a location and by reusing existing copper pairs to that site as the copper trunk. Line powering eliminates the cost of adding local AC power to a remote E3 installation location and reduces the physical dimension requirements for the site. Reusing existing copper pairs to provide the uplink trunks also allows these nodes to be deployed rapidly, eliminating the time required to bring fiber transport to the site.


E3-48 r2, E3-48C r2 Support Line Powering over Multi-Pair Bonded Uplink

The EC is designed for rapid deployment of advanced copper-based broadband services and optimized to meet the needs of higher subscriber density. It supports environmental flexibility with its sealed enclosure, which has been specially designed for deployment in extreme climate conditions. This approach ensures cost-effective, low-density service deployments from the CO to the access network edge. MGT-4 for local craft management. The connector is RS serial:


Calix E3-48C Manuals

Kagaktilar Recently Viewed Your list is empty. Marketwired April 16, The E is engineered to deliver Mbps at feet meters — bringing ultra-broadband to your copper. Markets close in 4 hrs 10 mins. Give feedback on the new search experience. What to Read Next. E Calix Flickr The E3 family of ESANs is designed not just for cost-effective delivery of services today, but with the technologies you will need to transform your network throughout the decade:. The newest addition to the E3 family of sealed ESANsthe EC brings a new level of flexibility to communications service providers seeking to deliver advanced broadband services over existing copper infrastructure and drive business transformation.

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