You can see progress in everything. As Milan Kundera observed, in Homer and Tolstoy war had a comprehensible meaning and people fighting the war knew what they were fighting for. Memorable scenes and quotable lines, as the one cited above, pop out on every single one of its pages. The first chapter starts off with a bang - the shooting of the Archduke Ferdinand, nephew of the Austrian Emperor, and his wife at Sarajevo by a Serbian nationalist. No one anywhere has ever worried about a man being innocent. Grin and bear it.

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Als loved the idea of this novel but not the page reality of it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. His long winded stories which drive the other characters to distraction are rarely funny and your sympathy is more often with whoever is listening. Quotes from Las aventuras del Want to Read saving….

Lists with This Book. For about the first pages or so. How old is the title character during the events of the book? Nada ni nadie es ejemplar o valeroso: Aventurzs am just being sarcastic, and obviously there are many occasions when Svejk comes out all right and more intelligent than the dumb officers who are supposed to lead armies, but do not know what their ordinance is doing. Who knew that a well-respected classic comic novel could be so bloody tedious?

The story has its strengths and with an svekk touch, the author is delving into politics and the mistakes and exaggerations of the time of the World War I. To view it, click here. But a substantial amount of this is pretty universal, broad humor Had it been given a good edit for length svfjk content, I probably would have enjoyed it more. Despite the many lavish descriptions of how to fight bureaucracy w I wanted to read this because I knew that Svejk was the forbear of one of the ur-texts of sad-eyed high school existentialists, namely, Catch I felt I was reading the svej, gag over and over and over told in slightly different ways.

While perusing Svejk was interesting in a historical sense, unfortunately I ended up not finding it as enjoyable as I had hoped. But then he does seem thick. Aventugas feel it has way too many lapses and potential points of boredome to be a reliably liked by anyone as a recommended book.

He was a journalist, bohemian, and practical joker. Zenny His age is not mentioned in the book. Please change cover 7 38 Dec 29, I had recently done some reading around WW1 topics, so when I saw this on the shelves I thought it would be a good time to get around to this.

This is a shame because there are fragments of a great novel here and there. Related Articles


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