I have been waiting for this book for the last days more specifically 33,, seconds or if you are really interested it has been long hours, am I getting boring? Ok Lets round it up, its been around about 54 weeks of waiting for the fourth book in what has become one of my all time favourite series. Why this author or this series you may ask? Well in short I have come to love the characters and everything Assassins. I have no qualms about admitting I completely adore this series, I never want it to end.

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Piper was understanding and their situation was nuts but gah it took him forever and I know he is broken but obviously piper was the one to make it better. Erik I just wanted to shake him!!!! Then she was saying sorry I gave up on you when you needed it most uh She put more than her heart in soul into that relationship! And she still excepted his flaws! Lol this book was heart breaking and I loved it and Toni had me in tears about her mom!

I know she is angel up there still routing for her! Now onto to devour more Toni books lol! I will be honest and say that my main reason I read this was due to the fact I wanted more Tate and Audrey! They were in this, but not nearly enough. Yes Erik had a rough childhood, but he constantly referred to it and held on to it like a crutch. I wanted him to stop being destructive and learn from his adopted parents and just love life.

His reasons for sleeping around were ridiculous and his friend Philip was no help! He finds out Piper is pregnant and all they can do is scheme to help him keep his hockey career. Piper was very likable, but oh so weak when it came to Erik. How can you love a guy who is just down right disrespectful and mean to you? She is pregnant with his baby and all he can do is worry about himself! She fought hard enough for the both of them and I ended up admiring her for that.

Finally in the last few chapters Erik decides he can be the man she needs and I really ended up liking him. He was so tender and caring and she deserved that after all he put her through. They were great together, but I just wish it was not so frustrating to get there!


Blue Lines (2013)



Blue Lines (Assassins Series #4)


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