Bakasa Lo Splendore del Violino. The Complete Columbia Album Collection. His body was cremated and his ashes were scattered near his home in Agate Beach. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Streams Videos All Posts.

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Or irrelevant to the piece itself i. Surely we all know the sorts of people like the musicologist referenced in this quote from "www. Or, at least, disgusting? Unfortunately, as you know, these are quite prevalent. And the tiresome, all too common post-modernist BS that Emil describes is probably one of the most vile of these impositions. With reference to the Nigun, which is about piety, suffering, pleading and feaverish reverence, all I can say is that the Chasidic Jews, and mainstream Jews, do not have a monopoly on these things.

Therefore, I think any human with an accute awareness and connection with their own feelings and the outside world could play Nigun with as much meaning as anyone. Jim W. The error probably comes from your need to have it be an intellectual thing in order for it to be valid. The thought process in performance is an extremely abstract thing, way beyond concepts like "self-delusional" or "superimposed.

You might even think, wow what a refreshing performance. Not only do I have the training to understand it, the "elitism" is admitted.

Exclusion that follows elitism I have no problem with. When the exclusion leads and the elitism follows, I have a problem with it. You could even call it corruption. Now, the trend in the conversation was that only certain people could play it or were worthy, for such and such reason unattainable to most. It was picking up some subtleties of language, mainly. Anyway, I have more pressing things to think about now.

The question was where to go to understand what the Nigun should sound like. I did not mean to imply that these performers produced definitive performances of the Nigun, only that they were probably a better source for understanding what a nigun entailed. That said, where you go after hearing their interpretation is up to you. BTW, I take the same attitude with respect to those who ask about the proper interpretation of a mainstream work.

Thus, for the Nigun, the closest you probably can get in the absence of a recording with Bloch is to go to performers who have some connection with the culture. They had played a work with a long oboe solo and he had played it beautifully. During the break someone asked him what he was thinking about as he played, and he answered, "I just bought myself these brand new shoes and they feel so good! Working with one of the top Bloch researchers in the world, Dr.

David Kushner, I was also able to look through the Robert Strassburg Collection of Ernest Bloch at the University of Florida, which contains numerous articles about him and from his life.

In other words, more majestic and intense, while contrasted by sections of lament and crying for the loss of that age. Bloch did not want the piece played too soppily, he did want power, energy, and a lot of passion.


Ernest Bloch

Different Hasidic groups have their own nigunim, often composed by their rebbe or leader. Hasidim gather around holidays to sing in groups. There are also nigunim for individual meditation , called devekus or devekut connecting with God nigunim. These are usually much slower than around-the-table nigunim, and are almost always sung without lyrics.


Baal Shem, B.47 (Bloch, Ernest)

Biography[ edit ] Bloch was born in Geneva on July 24, to Jewish parents. He began composing soon after. He then traveled around Europe, moving to Germany where he studied composition from — with Iwan Knorr at the Hoch Conservatory in Frankfurt , on to Paris in and back to Geneva before settling in the United States in , taking US citizenship in In , Bloch became the first teacher of composition at Mannes School of Music , a post he held for three years. In December he was appointed the first Musical Director of the newly formed Cleveland Institute of Music , a post he held until Following this his lover Ada Clement [6] appointed him as the director of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music until


Bloch Nigun Question



Baal Shem: 3 pictures of Hassidic life, for violin & piano (or orchestra)


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