Japple Desert area 2 is quicksand area 3 is underground grotto Japple Desert how do you get in map 3 For your Information: first you need alias "crusher", collection 2 to destroy the rock in map 1far left behind the second rock advance "in battle"and the alias "Excavator", collection 7 to dig the center part of the map dark square tiles in able for you to get to map 3. Event Battle Lv. Place 2 boxes in front of the tree and then place the last box on the map in front of the 2 boxes that was placed in front of the tree. Engage in a free battle once again and have a character with jump 2 or more Sciorra is probably your best bet to climb the box and get on top of that tree.

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Japple Desert Event Battle 1 Lv. There will be reinforcements for every enemy group, and after you kill certain enemies, Generic Genomes will spawn with over 60k HP.

This complicates this battle immensely, so try to lure enemies away from Brumeia, then kill them, then kill the reinforcements the same way.

If you do this, you should hopefully be able to kill Brumeia without too much trouble. That said, however, she can kill just about any character in a single combo, barring special Latent Abilities, like Magic Barrier. Vahallam Ruins Event Battle 1 Lv. Tactics Ogre: the Wheel of Fortune.

Where will Fate lead you? Lost hope for Asagi: August 5th, , am. From Map 1, you will notice on the opposite side of the action map 4 dark patches of rock on a plateau..

These are your dig sites. However, if you select the wrong one, you will have to reset the level. The correct on is the one between the water and the jutting rocks on its plateau. From the original view, it is the bottom one. From two turns to the left pressing left on the analog twice, that is , it is the top one. From one turn to the left, it is the left one, and from three turns to the left, it is the right one. Old Road Event Battle 1 Lv. In addition, you gain PP based upon your character levels, though I do not yet know the exact formula.

I went from a little over to slightly over from having just a few characters at level , though. True route Event Battle 1 Lv. Each enemy has extremely high HP, and despite having only k HP, the second fight with Guistabinuus is perhaps the most difficult fight in the game. He nearly killed Zelos in one turn on my first playthrough. Map 3 Lv. A new Tactics Ogre is in development. The most notable would probably have to be the Cave of Lament found on the one island in the Syulaku Sea This is the only action map amongst the optional areas, and contains quite a few Core Fragments, as well as one of the areas you need to battle in to complete a Collection from the Souk, that is, Map 3, the Underground Lake.


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